Murfie ceased operations

  • 21 November 2019
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Bigdog, speaking as an IT guy, what’s most likely is that they’ve bailed on operations and things are simply running because they’re paid up through the end of the month (or whatever cycle) and things are carrying on due to inertia.  Once the hosting provider doesn’t get paid, their servers will likely get shut off and then your streaming will stop.  Sorry to say, but it looks a lot like how many internet startups went once the VC stream ended and the “smart guys” bailed.

For those that srill have the disks, there are quite a few services that will rip collections and immediately return the CDs.

But it doesn't take long to rip a few CDs, and you can do other stuff while it's chuntering away. Ten or 15 disks a week would sort the collections mentioned on this thread within a year. 

A subscription to a streaming service for a few months would tide you over short term.

Just a suggestion. 

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Stanley’s advice was solid.


It’s clear from the information available that the music store is going to be sold or destroyed very soon. Those who want to retrieve their physical property need to decide, quickly, if threats and insults are more likely than pleasant discussions to obtain the desired outcome. Bearing in mind that those trying to re-unite the property are not part of the company that is now defunct so have NO legal obligation to affect said re-unification.

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And, though it may feel like it, legally the CD’s that are not returned because of the receivership situation are not ‘stolen’.

From where I’m sitting the way Murfie worked (letting them keep your CD’s) required a lot of trust in the company, that must have had an ever growing cost of having to stock all the CD’s. Unfortunately this trust has been shamed,

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Hi everybody, I’m John Fenley. I’m working right now on getting things going again. I’m working on building the soap service that SONOS needs in order for it to start working again. I’m doing my best, but I have no previous experience with this particular protocol. I’m sorry about the delays.

-John Fenley

Thanks to all for your suggestions.


I hope so, I look like crazy in FLAC these tracks, which I was about to buy in Murfie, if someone sells them please contact me:
Salt - Occasions
The Innocence Mission - Let's Talk About Something Else


Hey! I understand the anger of KodaKolour99 against that user Stanley, and it is that this subject seems to be earning something to protect the cursed Murfie scammers, instead of supporting with arguments to enforce our rights, this stanley subject does give up and give up , a man never gives up and one must win the battle until the last cartridge is burned, unfortunately I am from the US, but those who live nearby can approach that Madinson office and claim their Vinyl n CD, it cannot be that they take us for fools For these clown's of Murfie, North America grew great for asserting their rights and ignoring guys who make you give up, on my hard disk I have more than 3,000 albums in wav format, for comfort I can give them, I know that some are difficult to get, I am willing to exchange, from today I will not trust any web crap streaming music, maybe as I am a graduate of networks and communications I can make a server but I will need the support of a programmer for an app with the Winamp type model, hopefully he will mass meet in that warehouse and claim his own.

I was a legacy member for several years. When earlier this year my membership failed to renew, I contacted customer support in vain. I sent several emails and even made phone calls. No one ever replied to the emails (a first) and, when calling during normal business hours, I only received an automated voice response, never connecting with a live person (also a first). I then contacted the president of the company. He made no replies either. 

Concerned and frustrated, I downloaded every album I had purchased in Flac, which took a while, and then posted a negative comment on the Murfie Facebook page. At last I connected with a representative who saw the post. I called him and determined during that conversation, and sensing trouble with the company, to have my collection shipped back to me. They fulfilled my request and I obtained my physical collection about a month later. He even said during our talk he was in the middle of dozens of return requests, which I knew was the kiss of death. 

I had no idea there were so many Murfie supporters here. Otherwise I would have issued a warning. I think all of you will receive your collections in time, but I am very sorry for your hassles. I thought it was a great service until the end.  

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Hi, has anyone received further EM about return of CDs?

I’m getting a little concerned, wondering how long the landlord will allow access to the premises.

Thanks for any info.


hmmm some of these users from the image below, will they be in this forum? xD I wonder if I can access the server where Murfie digital music is, I look for the Puddle of Mudd - Abrasive CD and I can't find it.

Murfies members



My CDs still play off the app on my phone and to a Bluetooth speaker. Is there a way to get them from the app to another Cloud-based service or do I need the physical CDs? 

Thx in advance and I feel your pain. I’m in the “700 Club” with another 25 just shipped. 


Curious how you downloaded every album you had purchased in FLAC?  Was this done via Murfie streaming?


Thank you


Curious how you downloaded every album you had purchased in FLAC?  Was this done via Murfie streaming?


Thank you

It was a feature on the website. I simply made a FLAC download request for each album I purchased and streamed up to that point. After a few minutes, the download would become available. I went through this tedious exercise for concern of what did end up happening: a shut down. 

FWIW, I received the following email on the 17th. I also had a balance of around $117 in my account from past sales. I requested a check on the 18th for this amount. 

So, I am pretty surprised to see this happen. I will let you know if I get my check. Here is the text of the email:



This past April, Murfie rolled out a new pricing structure designed to better align and scale with our cloud storage costs. As a result, we now require an active annual membership in order to continue using the Murfie platform.

In order to continue delivering low-latency, high-fidelity streaming to our users around the world, we periodically review our accounts, and as a result, noticed that you haven't logged into your account for some time. We're writing to find out what you'd like to do with your music stored on Murfie.

As a Thank You for your early support of Murfie, and to maintain access to your music, we're pleased to offer you $20.00 off an annual Gold-level subscription, and give you 3 additional months free. To redeem this offer, simply login to your Murfie account, confirm that your payment information is up-to-date and get in touch with an account representative to claim this special offer.

Alternatively, you can elect to have your collection returned to you for the price of shipping. Bulk rates start at $10.00 + 0.39 per disc. To have your collection shipped back to you, or to inquire about international rates, click here. Please specify your shipping zip code so we can update your shipping estimate accordingly. One of our account services team members will then reach out and help you get started. 

Finally, if you'd like to dispense with your collection and permanently close your Murfie account, click here. Closed accounts will lose access to all of their content on the Murfie platform, and any physical media will be disposed of.

For the next 30 days, you'll continue to enjoy unlimited lossless streaming, downloads, and access to our Murfie Marketplace. If you don't elect to become a paying member within 30 days of this notice, or indicate you'd like your collection returned, we'll consider your account closed and make arrangements to dispose of your collection. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please send us an email and we'll be happy to help!


The Murfie Team


hire a lawyer for just one scam case? , that is totally lazy, first there to gather signatures and settle the demand, it is ridiculous not to know a little bit of laws, and Murfie does lose credibility in thousands of North American companies, not to trust contracts with any streaming company, not even Apple music , tidal etc, we are hundreds affected and if he can not pay the damages, the minimum that Murfie deserve is jail, for fraud and property damage.

Just rcv’d the following email:


This email is to solicit your instructions for return of your CDs held in Murfie's secure storage facility.


Murfie, Inc. has terminated all business operations to include the website, streaming services, marketplace activities and downloads.  The company is insolvent (has no money) and has been dissolved. Assets remaining have been assumed by Murfie's secured creditors.


Murfie appreciates and values your participation as part of the Murfie community of music fans. While Murfie sought to build the company around the quality and license rights associated with owned physical music formats, customer preferences have shifted to predominantly favor purely digital music.  


Unfortunately Murfie's financial situation precludes any ability to reimburse customers for unused portions of subscriptions or for any Murfie credits that may have accumulated.  Murfie' secured creditors  have joined together with a few former Murfie customers to informally aid customers seeking return of their CDs.  Since Murfie's debt obligations far exceed cash on hand, any return of customer media must be funded by the customers themselves.  


A process to implement timely return of customer-owned CDs is now being formulated and will be in place soon. This email is to solicit customer requests for CD return.


To receive CDs that you stored with Murfie you must notify the company by close of business December 2 that you elect the return of your physical media. Complete the return request form linked below:


Upon receipt of your request the CD return team will send you an invoice for payment based on the size of your collection along with information on how to make payment online.  Cost of handling is significant as it requires a manual effort to pull your CDs from the nearly 1 million CDs in Murfie's Storage.  Cost will vary greatly depending on number of discs and degree of physical dispersion of your collection (due to your buy/sell activity in the marketplace). To estimate your approximate cost use the formula: $100.00 plus $0.45 per disc. Actual cost that will be invoiced to you will vary as it is subject to the labor required to extract and assemble your discs.

Please note this is a limited time offer. Due to the company's dissolution, if you do not reply to this message by COB December 2, the team cannot put your request into the shipping queue.  Also your non-response to this message will be taken as your authorization to consider your collection as abandoned.  Abandoned discs will be recycled by the end of December when the storage facility must be vacated.


Murfie apologizes for the inconvenience and the short time fuse for this process.  Thank you for your patience in this difficult situation.


The Murfie Close-out Team


You received this email because our records indicate that you have, or have had, content processed or stored by Murfie, Inc.

The following article posted this morning:


This is extremely frustrating!  We need to pay hundreds of dollars to get our own property back?  

In my case, I have to pay $ 16 for the shipment and from there adding $ 3 more for each following CD, Murfie has done it on purpose, notice that they themselves say they have more than 1 million Discs and I think more, so that the profit would be more than 1 million dollars to return all CD shipping.

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Did you all get the email from Murfie Customer Return Service, LLC?

Where you have to pay $100 to even get an estimate for the return of your collection? Looked like a scammer but had the pertinent data.

Thanks for any info.


Has anyone who has paid $100 to get an estimate received the estimate or any other response? I have not yet received anything.

Any info appreciated.

That's what I was wondering. I sent my $100 via Paypal; have received receipt from them but heard nothing further from Murfie or whoever is supposed to be handling our returns. 

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This was my last transmission with them in June:

Thank you for your recent Murfie purchase and delivery request. I
wanted to contact you because I notice that the shipping address you
have supplied is outside of the US which changes the cost to ship your
Items. The $3.99 shipping cost that we advertise is for domestic
shipping to an address within the mainland USA. For international
shipping we request that customers contact us for a shipping quote.
Based on the shipping address you have supplied, the calculated cost
to ship your items will be $16 per CD. Please contact me at your
earliest convenience to confirm if you would still like us to the ship
your Items to the address associated with your account or
alternatively you could supply a US mainland address or cancel the
delivery. Please let me know how you wish to proceed.

I decided not to pay the ransom they were requesting for the few CDs I had purchased. I’m glad that I decided to hang onto my CD collection and not ship to them a few years ago. I hope those that trusted them with their music can get it back!

My collection is no longer available to stream.

Did you all get the email from Murfie Customer Return Service, LLC?

Where you have to pay $100 to even get an estimate for the return of your collection? Looked like a scammer but had the pertinent data.

Thanks for any info.

I received it yesterday eve and have been searching for info on the LLC or email to get a read on it but there’s very little discussion online.  Perhaps surprising because they w supposedly been overwhelmed by responses. 

The email is a bit scammy sounding ( but I’m wondering if paying w goods / services via PayPal offers some protection.

I feel like the clock is ticking (they didn’t specify how long I had but it is limited and prioritized by when deposit is received). I do want the cds back ...

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Thanks for your message. 

I did decide to pay the $100 since it's on a credit card - I can always submit it as fraud if it turns out that way.