Let's get Move paired with the Play 5 Subwoofer

  • 25 April 2022
  • 3 replies

I saw that this answer/suggestion has been closed but I think it’s time to realize that customers with thousands of dollars invested into a SONOS system would like to see the functionality of a MOVE system paired with the PLAY 5 Subwoofer once and for all. 

Yes, the MOVE is designed for playability around the house and in outdoor settings but there are those of us that might have need for the MOVE to be used with a PLAY 5 Subwoofer. 

SONOS, get to work on this!

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3 replies

Because the PLAY:5 has the necessary hardware to connect via wifi to the SUB. I don’t believe the Move has that hardware, otherwise it could function as a surround speaker as well. 

Just to also clarify, you can bond a Sonos Sub to a Play:5 (gen2), then group that with the ‘Move’ and play to all.

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The Play:5 and Sub are two different devices. You can group a Move with the Play:5, but you cannot bond a Sub to a Move.