Is there a way to add a service to the S1 app without upgrading?

  • 28 September 2022
  • 1 reply

I can't upgrade to S2 because I have some old components. On the S1 app, when trying to ‘add a service, I get a message “App update needed.” Does “update” mean upgrading to S2, or is it just a new version of S1? In other words, how do I add additional services to S1 without updating to S2?

1 reply


Without seeing the ‘message wording’ you’re seeing on screen and to hopefully assist you further, if you goto the ‘about my system’ in the S1 Sonos app settings and look at the version you have installed, it is currently v11.5 build 57.1-231030 so if your app is earlier than that, then it’s likely (perhaps) an S1 update.