Is the tide turning? Able to connect "My Library" to the new app.

  • 25 May 2024
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Hello everyone

Yesterday I managed to get My Library (the My Music folder on my Windows 10 desktop) to be recognized and connect to the new app. Today it seems to be working well on all my speakers and using Desktop and Android phones to control.

It could be something Sonos has done. Not sure. I added Sonos as an authorized sharer of the My Music folder in Windows. That hadn’t worked in the past but did yesterday. Prior to that I had no access to My Library and the work around suggested by Customer Support didn’t work.  

My next priority is being able to edit the queues.

Lets see what happens.

1 reply

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The app update on 31st May, which I’m assuming will be the next one we get, will tell us a lot about the progress that Sonos are making. It needs to be a lot slicker, find our systems every time and not fail when adding new speakers.