Either Rank Incompetence or Bad Faith - Either Way the New Sonos App is a Disgrace

  • 9 May 2024
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I believe this move was Sonos trying to force previously satisfied customers into Sonos’ own, ad-supported, Spotify-lite ecosystem. 

Idiocy and incompetence are also plausible explanations, but I think this was a business decision they made explicitly.

Either way, the new app is a disaster, and the bad faith continues in that Sonos have done nothing to delete this update and allow us to revert back to the prior controller app.

I can no longer search my own library. I mean, seriously? I cannot build or edit queues of my own music. Seriously?

Talk about destroying brand loyalty. Well done. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars spent building my system and now you’ve effectively burned it to the ground.


1 reply

The handling of this app release along with the way they handled the S1 to S2 platform update and originally bricking devices in their trade-in program really makes me question the leadership at the company. 


There’s so much potential in the company’s products and yet they seem to be routinely let down by management. I’ve never seen so many mistakes and then to be so tone deaf in their response to the overwhelmingly negative feedback. 


The app is a hugs step backwards from a usability, accessibility and feature standpoint. I don’t see a single way in which the new app is better than the old. 


I was looking at replacing/upgrading a few speakers but now I’ll need to reconsider.