Anyone else experiencing severe APP LAG & slow loading/refresh with S2?

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Note that the servers that Sonos has been told by Spotify to connect to are different servers than the Spotify app itself. 

So can you give a sloooow search-example, so I can try it here.

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Expanding on this - the results on my system are returned as follows : Amazon (non- subscription) hype machine qobuz then Spotify.   Given that the direct Spotify search is quick, it seems that there is a delayed search across other platforms ahead of Spotify search.  This did not used to Be the case

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Search in artists for Scott Walker using magnifying glass and then by browsing/ selecting Spotify and then searching 

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Artist selected makes no difference - always same delay 

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The multi-service search (which is junk IMHO, desktop single-service search rocks for so many reasons) is subject to issues if one of those services is slow. In order for someone to reproduce your issue, they may well need the same combination of services as you have.

Here’s what I am seeing … I still am not noticing any significant delay. Seems almost instant to me.



I’m just wondering if it’s a DNS issue? Maybe someone else will chime in here from the UK, if they use both BT and Spotify and can ‘kindly’ do a similar Artist search.

Anyhow it seems to be working okay here.

I’m the same.

Ever since switching to S2 I’ve had severe lag problems.  Never had them before with S1.  I hadn’t complained on the forums as I thought surely they will update the app soon. But many months later and nothing has changed.
For me, the app refresh lag can be up to a minute and it’s impossible to control anything during this period. Sometimes this even causes my speakers sound to lag and they come on 20-30 seconds after other parts of the network start. Generally I must say that the upgrade to S2 hasn’t been a good experience.

It was also quite annoying to be forced to upgrade because you buy more products! I bought a Roam and it only works on S2 forcing my whole system to S2. 

Sonos, please consider the customer experience when releasing products. Many of us are long time supporters and great advocates for the product amongst our circles. And please update the app!

As I said before, the symptoms you’re describing point to an interference issue. 

Yes, the app is slightly slower to connect to all devices, but it certainly should not take a minute. 

Thanks for the reply but, as others have said, it doesn’t seem likely to be an interference issue. I’ve done the interference checks others had noted and the same speakers worked perfectly well on S1 without an lag issues. 

Same problem - takes what feels ages to load just the app. Got significantly worse over the past month or two. FIX THIS PLEASE. Incredibly annoying

My Android app loads in a couple of seconds, as does my wife’s iPad app.  There is nothing to fix.  Please see the comments already made on this thread by @Airgetlam .

This thread is over 2 months old now with a handful of posts.  Past experience suggests that when a genuine bug crops up affecting even a small proportion of users, there are dozens of posts within an hour or two.

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In fairness to BT, they do have a large market share so not u surprisingly will be the subject of a fair number of issues.  Not sure alternative providers are any better or worse. 

I won’t say this isn’t an issue, the app is slower these days when booting up and reconnecting to all devices.

That being said, all your complaints point to a network issue on your side. Likely some sort of wifi interference , but without more specifics, that is just a guess. The next time you boot up your system, I would recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes, and call Sonos Support to discuss it.

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network.


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Thank you once more.  I’ll try with an Android controller over the holiday period when we have visitors.  Unfortunately we are an Apple eco system household(s).   Given I have no issues when using my MAC controller (Sierra) seems to point to an iOS issue (used in various forms by other controllers).

I hear what people say about BT (and other ISP) routers being a potential issue but I’ve discounted these for the time being since the router models are common in every household and functioned perfectly until a month or so ago.

 (The other strange aspect is that the search results return those for Apple Music and Hype Machine almost instantaneously but not for my principle subscription service of Spotify. 

Ken’s earlier post about checking ‘Private WiFi Address’ is probably a good one.

As stated, I’ve not had this experience, and I’m also 90% Apple, with two iPads, an iPhone, and two Macs in use. For S2. 

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Further piece of information - each household uses voice enabled speakers on Sonosnet Boost setup.  The same routers are also connected to Philips Hue via Hue Bridges wired to the routers.  Voice commands for music and lighting work perfectly with no real delay.   The lag appears to be confined to when  using iOS devices.

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..,and the issue seems the same whether using S1 (one household with one legacy Play 5) or S2 (three other households).

..  worked hard on this and other Sonos issues. Excellent network in my house, the best, actually. All other streaming platforms are working perfectly well.


The tone of your response is pretty bad .. “it’s your loss”.  I’m your loss. 

I’ll treat the Sonos hardware as a wireless speaker system and dump your app. 

Good Bye. 

I’ve also a Hue system, and run a wired network. Voice commands and iOS devices are working without any delay. Have you tried to submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem on at least one of these systems, and called Sonos Support to discuss it? It’s entirely possible that they might see something in the details of the diagnostic that those of us who don’t work for Sonos can’t see. 

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Just eliminate potential cause being Private Wifi address - toggled on / off /on - no difference to performance in either setting