9.0 Version App Keeps Freezing

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Worked temporarily. I reindex after adding about 12 songs and then freezing problems again. The previous freezing problems also happened after reindexing.
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I had this problem develop a few days ago after updating to 9.2 on my iPhone. the App would totally freeze after switching between it and any other app and I would have to close and restart the app... and then the same would happen again. Did full system reboots, reinstall and everything to no avail and was about to log call with Sonos when I was going through some of the settings options, and the app asked me to login to my online SONOS account (I think I was looking at room settings at the time, but I guess settings->account settings should get you to the same thing). After that - everything fine (touch wood) for the last 12 hours. So if you are having the freezing problem check to see if your app is logged into your account - and I guess this may help SONOS support here looking at the problem.
same issue here. freezes on my iPhone6S and my wife's iPad Mini. i can launch the app, play music, whatever. but if i switch to a different app, or put my phone into 'sleep' (or whatever that's called when you press the power button once), the Sonos app is frozen when i try to brin git back up. music still plays, but the app is dead. i have to force kill it then bring it back up before i can do anything with it.

happens every single i use the app.

the problem just started in the last month or so (?). it's worked fine for years.
I am having the exact same issue. I've used this for years with no problem. I started having problems a month or two ago, and it happens every single time on both my iPad and iPhone running iOS 12.1. It's so frustrating. Please help!
Thank you...
Experiencing the same problem here. I’ve had a sonos system for over 10 years and never really had any problems. But im trying to use the ios app tonight and it’s constantly freezing. It doesnt matter what i seem to be doing, 30 secs after opening the app it locks up and needs force killing. All software (phone, app, sonos system) is uo to date. Ive tried reinstalling the app and also rebooting my router. So frustrating as i cant even keep the app alive long enough to make a playlist. As others have said, none of this seems to impact my speakers actually playing music thats already queued.
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Hi folks

If you're having troubles with the app freezing up, and you've already made sure that you're on the most recent app version, it would be a good idea to reach out to our phone team for help. Please give us a call, you can find our number and hours here.
Same. On version 9.03 on iOS. Also tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Still freezes every time I use the app. Soooooo annoying!
I'm having the same problem. It's been happening for months now. Submitted a diagnostic but there didn't seem to be anything wrong with my hardware. I was hoping the latest update would fix it, and it seemed to be working for a few hours. But it went right back to freezing. To be clear, I'm using an iPhone 8 with IOS 12.1 using Sonos 9.3. I open the software, play some music, works fine, but if I switch to another app (or even if I don't), the music keeps playing but the app freezes. I have to force quit the app and then open it again to be able to control it. Seems like I'm not alone. It's so frustrating.
@Jeff S this is clearly a bug since many people are having the issue and the phone team is unable to help. What's the status for a fix? I've done everything the original poster mentioned and everything suggested by support. App still freezes *every time* I leave it to do something else on my phone or the phone goes to sleep. Incredibly frustrated!
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@Jeff S this is clearly a bug since many people are having the issue and the phone team is unable to help. What's the status for a fix? I've done everything the original poster mentioned and everything suggested by support. App still freezes *every time* I leave it to do something else on my phone or the phone goes to sleep. Incredibly frustrated!

There isn't a system-wide bug as my app works without issue. There may be a factor in common with these issues, but the best thing you can do is reach out to our phone team so they can take a close look at the issue live and identify any common factors. If a resolution isn't reached on the phone, your case will be escalated to our higher tiers of support. Please give us a call, our phone number and hours are here.
Same Issue here, my confirmation is 754543407. When playing Deezer I get a connection speed insuffient to play playback buffer error. I have a Gig connection, I have all Sonos speakers connected to a Boost wired to a AC5300 Asus router. I have ASUS AiMesh with 3 other ASUS routers. My Sonos devices are all static and isolated on the Boost. I’m stumped. Everything else plays normal.
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Sure enough added about 40 tracks and back to freezing problems. The many weeks before this worked flawlessly so can't buy the many devices wireless interference reason.
Hi guys,

I'm reading all possible posts around the freezing problem I have on all of my devices since the update V9. Let me say: actually I can't control my Sonos system with the Android app independent of the version of Android. I have these freezing problems on Android 7, 8 and 9 (latest updates). To be clear: my Windows based controller works fine so I personally see a problem with the Controller app, esp. for Android.

I've tried all the things mentioned in multiple threads, I've uninstalled the app rebooted and reinstalled the app again multiple times, I've rebootet the whole network, I've disabled my music library (based in my synology NAS), als boxes have fixed IPs, etc. Nothing helped. It's by accident if I can use the app but this is only possible as long as I keep my smartphone on. As soon as I switch off my phone (or happens automatically via power management) the app freezes. The freeze will be handled by Android as Android recognizes that the app isn't answering anymore and is killed.

I really don't know if this depends on the modern powermanagenet, WIfi controll or whatever but let me say: The reason doesn't matter for me. I've payed much money for Sonos and I use it for many years now - I was a very happy user and Sonos fan. But actually the system behavior is unacceptable and only annoying... I can't understand what is such complicated to fix these problems.

I don't know if anybody from Sonos looks into the diagnostic information I've sent but here is my confirmation number: 1215207750.

I really would appreciate if Sonos can take care of this problem that seems to be a big issue if you follow all the information available from different user all over the world. Keep my fingers crossed that this will happen very soon because I really want to stay with Sonos but if nothing is happening I'm willing to change the system against another manufacturer…

A great, successful and happy new year for all of you...

Phone tech support is useless, and this Sonos staff keeps on asking us to call support. I started having the same issue last year but ignored it until now. I can replicate this issue almost every time. I have an iPhone Xs Max with the latest IOS and Sonos app, so don't say that I have an old phone blah blah blah. I have a simple plain vanilla setup: playbar+subwoofer+two Sonos play 1 in my living room and one Sonos One in my bedroom.

1. Launch the sonos app on my iphone and start playing some music
2. Minimize the sonos app (and keep it in the background) and then launch another app
3. Try to return to the sonos app and the app freezes but the music is still playing without any issues
4. Manually force the app to close doesn't work and I had to wait the sonos app to restart itself

This thread started like 5+ months ago, and there is still no resolution. Sonos really needs to get their app right before thinking about adding new useless features into it. If the app fundamentally doesn't work as expected, what is the point of all those added features. Get your core right before thinking about something else. Are the programmers at Sonos just amateurs? Do they just have the "get it working" attitude and not bother thinking about optimizing the codes?

Also, the sonos support staff are like typical support just saying "I don't have this kind of issue." Sure you don't. This issue has nothing to do with our home network configuration, not our sonos setup but the buggy sonos application. This issue, like what everyone had said, did not occur back then.

Sonos, do what you're supposed to do and not blaming on us, the customers who already spent thousands of dollars on the system.
It seems you’re posting in a thread that refers to an older version of the Sonos App (9.0) that’s why this thread is now 5 months old.

Anyhow, what was the result of your contact with customer care? What did your Sonos diagnostic submission, Sonos matrix and the iOS crash-logs show? That would be a helpful start.

I must admit that this certainly looks to me very much like a network connectivity issue, perhaps in relation to wifi access points, or a wireless mesh hubs system that are wrongly configured and operating on mixed channels, or maybe STP issues perhaps, with a managed switch? Anyone can only guess at this stage, as your post lacks a lot of necessary and relevant detail.

Were you asked to switch off non-Sonos Airplay beacons on the LAN too?

Did you add all your Sonos devices to the DHCP Server Reservation Table and also try running things on SonosNet (if you don’t do that already?), with no overlapping channel in the 2.4ghz band, alongside your WiFi channel and have you then removed the WiFi credentials from the Sonos App?

Not really enough information in your post to look at your matter more closely at the moment, but it would be helpful to see a lot more detail, rather than the other stuff you’ve posted, which isn’t relevant in order to resolve your matter here in the community.
Ken, I forgot to mention that
1) All my Sonos devices are connected via physical LAN cables since day one of ownership. I do not believe in something called stability in Wifi. I turned off Wifi on all Sonos devices.
2) I configured my router to reserve those DHCP ip addresses on all my Sonos devices since day 1 of ownership.
3) Given the fact that this freezing issue does not occur on PC desktop/laptop version of the application via either LAN or Wifi, the issue is related to the mobile app itself.
4) Like I said before, I have had ownership for over two years and did not experience this issue until late last year.

There are no network issues in my setup.

Do you use any mananged, or unmanaged, switches on the network at all?... can you state their brand/model and pethaps mention your router too. What did Customer support discover from your 'diagnostic' and 'crash-log' submissions? Did you get to level 2 with support?

It would be nice to get to the bottom of this, as I know two users here in the community that have the new XS MAX and are not experiencing the freezing issues that you mention.
Been about 3 months for me with this problem. Clearly it's a bug that Sonos staff haven't fixed. Any updates? I've sent diagnostics about 5 times with zero answers.
Just curious, how often did you follow up these submissions with an email, or a post as to what they should be looking for in the submission? Have you read:

@airgetlam - every time I submitted diagnostics it was at the request of a support agent (via Twitter). They could see the app crashing and its issues but never figure out the problem or why the bug was not fixed. Apparently, folks who've called into support get the exact same treatment...
@airgetlam - every time I submitted diagnostics it was at the request of a support agent (via Twitter). They could see the app crashing and its issues but never figure out the problem or why the bug was not fixed. Apparently, folks who've called into support get the exact same treatment...Have you tried backing up the iphone in iTunes and iCloud and doing a full hardware reset/restore of the device.. I appreciate that can take an hour, or so, but it has to be worth a try.
Thanks for the additional information, it wasn't clear from your post that Sonos had the opportunity to look at them. And I'm constantly hopeful that more people who are experiencing this issue will provide that kind of data to Sonos, so that this issue can be resolved. Nothing more frustrating in software development than trying to track down a bug that you have no evidence for to look at. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they can track this down soon.
I've proved myself right. Sonos recently released version 10 of the software. I updated the app on my Iphone XsMax with the latest IOS, and the freezing issue completely went away. I was able to launch another app on my phone and return to the Sonos app without freezing. Prior to installing version 10, I tested the Sonos app on my phone and the freezing problem remained. I said it many times that the freezing problem had nothing to do with my network, wiring, switch, my phone, etc. but a buggy Sonos app. Nobody believed me and people said it was a user issue or setup issue. In version 10, Sonos did not even provide any explanations on the bug fixes. As long as the problem is fixed, I don't care whether or not Sonos openly acknowledged the freezing issue in the previous version of the app.