Volume Randomly Increasing to Max

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I have a Sonos 5.1 setup consisting of a beam, sonos one x2, and sub. Recently when listening to Spotify on my iPhone XS (the only controller I have active in my household), the volume on the system raises to max volume when going to change the volume in the sonos app, or from the lock screen. I have only had the system for a few weeks and it seems to only do this when Spotify is active, not Pandora or while using the TV. Currently my system is on version 10.1.2, and my iPhone controller states the version is also 10.1.2. My system is currently connected via wireless, and not through Sonosnet.

I have seen in other forums that the work around is to disable hardware volume control and lock screen controls in the Sonos settings in the native iPhone settings app. But my question is, has this issue been permanently addressed yet in a sonos update/will it be in the future? Or does this have to do with possibly having a faulty system?

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Hi everyone, we’re looking into this with Spotify as there may be an issue that can come up irregularly that causes the volume to change unexpectedly when using the Spotify app to control Sonos. If you notice this happening when you’re playing from a service other than Spotify, or when you’re using Spotify through the Sonos app, it may not be related to what we’re looking into. I’ll let you know when we hear more on that investigation.

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Hi everyone, we’re working with Spotify on this issue still. It’ll only come up when using the Spotify app to control Sonos, and not for all systems. I’ll let you know as soon as we’ve got more information to share on a resolution.

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There’s a new Spotify app for Android available today, version, which should resolve this issue for people who have trouble with the volume ramping up when using Spotify direct control. If you’ve been having this issue, please make sure to update your Spotify app and test it out.

If it’s still giving you trouble, let us know!

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From Spotify support:

"I've checked this and can see that our best tech folks are still looking in to this, sorry to keep you waiting. I understand this must be frustrating, but hopefully it shouldn’t be too much longer for a fix."

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I guess better idea would be if the sonos software ever gets a request to throttle directly to 100% from any level, from any source, this request should be denied.

What's the use case for needing instant max volume and not bumping it up a few notches first? I am guessing nobody has that use case but maybe I am wrong.

I also have the same problems with volumes goes to max. Very annoying!

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Hi All

I recommend anyone with this issue get in touch with our technical support team, who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to determine where the volume commands are coming from.


I’m suddenly experiencing the same MAXIMUM SONOS VOLUME on my 2 Sonos Play5 [Gen1] using Spotify. If I wasn’t deaf before, I sure as hell am now! It’s happened twice … and I won’t have it again … so my much loved Sonos devices are firmly switched off until I can be sure of avoiding a repeat episode. I’ve used Sonos boxes these for years without problems, so I’m really missing them.

I’ll look at limiting the maximum Sonos volume [as suggested elsewhere in this thread although even random 50% volume could be problemmatic], and I’ll also submit a Sonos diagnostic. Unless I can get this fixed, I’ll be ditching Sonos or Spotify or both hard as I’ll find that! My planned purchase of a Sonos Move is also on hold!

I contacted Sonos who asked me to send a diagnostic … said they can identify the device causing the volume change …. unfortunately I’d switched my speakers off, which meant that the trace had gone. Sonos were helpful anyway … pointing out it was time I scrapped my old bridges and asking me to resubmit a diagnostic if the MAX Volume issue happens again. Meantime, setting my MAX VOLUME = 50% should reduce the impact of any recurrence. I’m back in business thankfully!

Hi Podra,

It would be interesting to know if you have the latest version of Spotify. Version seems to have fixed it for us on Android, but I need to do more testing. We were out all day Christmas shopping, but it was fine this morning.

If it's fixed we might think of another Sonos purchase to celebrate! We have really old stuff

This issue is definitely getting worse.


I’ve got the sonos on pretty much all day, and it will happen between 5-10 times.


I will submit the diagnostics after each instance and add it to this thread. It’s happened twice in the last hour annoyingly.


That didn’t take long:

09:31GMT - 143635502 - On a laptop, spotify and sonos app’s open, multi screen set up and working on the other screen, volume went to max in spotify.

I am having this problem.  Ridiculous that it has not been fixed yet.  Please do something Sonos!  This is a health hazard. 

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Thanks for the response AjTrek1. The issue is not really volume normalization (different volume levels for each song by default), but merely the fact that sometimes when I am listening to music on Spoitfy, and go into the sonos app the volume just randomly increases to 100% without me even touching the slider or hardware buttons, or sometimes when only turning up the volume up and down just a tad. When this happens, I have to force close the sonos app, as changing the volume after it randomly goes to 100% does no good, it just shoots right back up to 100%. Others seem to have this issue as well, and it seems to only happen with Spotify.

I will submit a diagnostic when this issue happens again as its not consistent, just intermittent. But was pretty much wondering is there or will there be a permanent fix for this in the future without having to disable the lock screen and hardware controls in the settings? Or is this an issue with the hardware in my system?

Did you read my post, two above yours?

looks like i’ll have to either throw out my Sono’s or unsubscribe to spotify. unsure of which one to do yet.  My family thinks the house might be haunted with this random volume change. 

Your confirmation number is: 1066012021 


10:29AM GMT - Jumped again, not to max in the spotify app or Sonos app ( I do have the max vol set to 70%)


Apps open on the laptop but not in focus and I wasn’t at my desk


When I opened the Sonos app though it prompted for an update, so not sure if that’s a clue.


happened again 11:06AM - 825500862 -Same circumstance, not using them.


Latest update applied so didn’t fix it:cry:


Wow this is annoying this morning…


10:29AM GMT - 1066012021 

11:06AM GMT - 825500862

11:13AM GMT - 1795524475.

11:17AM GMT - 478740751

Yeah I’m giving up logging it, it’s happening too frequently



Hi All… Just adding my $0.02 … 

I am experiencing this issue as well and I would suggest it is NOT a Spotify app problem. I only use the Sonos Spotify internal service and it happens with this as well. There I conclude that this is an internal Sonos problem. 

It needs to be fixed as I suspect this issue may damage speakers or electronics. If a Sonos bug caused this issue, I would expect Sonos to have the repair liability even if the product is out of warranty!

Just had the same issue, using Spotify so definitely linked.


I opened the sonos app to submit the diagnostics, and that stopped playback restarted then kicked the volume to 100%


On the Move the max volume is mental so not ideal!!

This is definitely a Spotify issue, I’ve just set the limiter on the volume in the Sonos app, the Spotify jumped to Max in the spotify app, but only registered as 50% in the sonos app.


Oh, that’s interesting! I use the laptop most of the time to control Spotify, but yes, their Android widget randomly crashes and restarts. No idea whether it’s equally bad on an iPhone.

Hi Bjørn

Thanks for the reply.

It does look like the Spotify widget but it's not on my home screen. I swipe down for various android settings and it's below that

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Same thing.  Three times in the last five minutes.  2 x play:5 speakers grouped with a sub.  Im going to have a heart attack!

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This problem was driving me crazy as well. I ended up unplugging my Ikea Tradfri home automation hub and it instantly solved the problem for me. I have the Ikea Symfonisk which is a volume dial designed to control Sonos speakers. My *guess* is that the batteries were running low and it's causing some erratic behavior. 


This may or may not be the solution for others but isolate the cause by disconnecting any physical device that has the ability to control the volume of your speakers.




I Got the following response from Sonos today:
Thanks for reaching out to Sonos Support, my name is Xander. I know you want to get back to enjoying your Sonos as soon as possible, so let's get this resolved for you. 
Glad to hear the issue hasn't repeated. We have been in touch with Spotify regarding this. There is an update for the Spotify app on Android devices which should fix the issue. Regarding iOS devices, we have reported the issue to Spotify and are working on addressing the issue.
Xander P

Sonos | Customer Care | Contact Us



23rd October 2019 48662544

28th October 2029 1434685313


Thanks Ryan,

That update was 4 days ago but Spotify hadn't updated. I've got now and I'm getting more optimistic it's a fix. The "widgety thing" is up, but the volume hasn't maxed out (yet).

Thanks for the support here.

There have been Spotify/Sonos problems mentioned on here for several years. Is this the first fix?

I've ONLY suffered for, I guess, 6 weeks. Would it be churlish to suggest it's taken a ridiculous amount of time for Spotify to get their act together?

(Maybe there have been different problems)

Same here. Happened a couple of times with my Samsung Tab S3. I am concerned that this will damage my Sono speakers. So loud. All the way to the max randomly.

Same happened twice in the last 5 days, after having the 5.1 system for 2 years. 

Sent diagnostics: 80790366

How can it be that this problem exist for several years?!? 

Same for TV and music volume level difference.

I am seriously considering selling all and switching to Denon.

Help urgently needed!


I encountered this issue after using Spotify (MacOS) to play out to Sonos One with Airplay 2. Sonos One spontaneously increased volume after it had been set to a low level.  Shut down Spotify and then started to listen using Sonos iPad app. I seem to have stopped it by changing MacOS output back to “Internal speakers” even ‘though the playback had been started directly from Sonos iPad app from music in my iTunes local source.