Trying create Spotify Playlist that includes tracks from my computer on Gen1 Amp

  • 17 March 2023
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Hi, I’m wanting to create a few party playlists that will include both Spotify tracks and tracks that I have on my Mac. However when I add the tracks to the Your Library section of Spotify and try to play them, they are greyed out.

I have tried playing through Spotify and selecting my Sonos Room and get “track can’t be played at this time” and also tried playing through Sonos App and selecting Your Library, then the playlist - but any tracks that are computer based are greyed out.

My question is, if I were to upgrade to the new Gen 2 Connect Amp would this issue be solved?



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9 replies

As you’re using the S1 App, any library share requires SMBv1 sharing protocol or the library can be shared from the MAC using the http protocol. See if these support links assist you to resolve the issue with all the tracks available locally on your MAC (note MAC must be on/connected to the network for their playback, obviously, and not restricted by DRM)…

Thanks, I can access my computer based files through Sonos, but when I try and play them through Spotify they are greyed out.
I’m putting a mix of Spotify and my old songs together in a playlist, which I then want to download to play on the party day, as my Sonos quite regularly stops for 20-30 seconds while playing over the internet.

Have you uploaded your own tracks to Spotify to play them through the Spotify App? See this link to upload your music to Spotify:

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You could make a Sonos playlist combining songs from both sources. Only problem would be your internet problem. What’s that about?

Yes, the Sonos playlist is the best option, but the dropping out is really painful. I have tried both WiFi and hardwired - makes no difference. I also play the TV sound through Sonos and this DOESN’T drop out, so I am stumped!

Try a Sonos playlist combining songs from both sources.

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It looks like you have wifi problems then. Can you tell us more about your network?

I’m not using WiFi for the Sonos currently, I’m on a fibre network with an ethernet cable connecting directly from the modem to the Sonos. I keep wondering if its the actual service that keeps dropping out as I live rurally, but I don’t have the same issue when watching any streamed tv, so I don’t understand whats happening!

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You could make a diagnostic shortly after this happens and call Sonos if they can see what’s wrong.