Stereo Speaker Issues


My stereo speakers in my office rarely work. My right one often is recognized and plays, but many times the left speaker does not play with it. One of the speakers fades out probably 60% of the time. Assistance would be appreciated.

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Try unplugging both speakers from power for about a minute.

Is this your home office or at work?

This is my home office and I have unplugged them several times. That does resolve the issue, but it continues to revert back to the previous issue. This has been occurring for probably 9 months. 

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Are you able to connect one of the speakers directly to the router with an ethernet cable?

No, I am not, but I have a mesh router 5’ from the Sonos speaker that has issues. 

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What router are you using?

You might consider getting a Sonos Boost.

Google mesh router, in my mind there really isn’t a reason this shouldn’t work. 

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You could be experiencing some wireless interference:

Just for testing purposes, I would try moving your pair of speakers to another room just to see if you experience the same problem.

Unfortunately this really didn’t help. I have even repositioned the speakers in my office to avoid potential interference.