LG CX arc ps5 and nvidia shield

  • 10 July 2022
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Hello since the downmixing with the latest update started working I encountered a new problem. When I put ps5 to AV amplifier and 5.1 it works just fine. But when I switch to my nvidia shield and back to ps5 there’s no sound. I have to put 7.1 for it to work again or restart the TV. 
I have eARC enabled in tv, passtrough and bitstream on hdmi. 

Its the same with my Xbox series X when using uncompressed 5.1 audio it works until I use my nvidia shield then the sound is gone
Anyone else having the same problem or have any idea what I might do wrong 

(Also if I pull out the shield the sound comes back immediately)


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2 replies

It sounds a bit like either the PS5, or the Shield, is attempting to steal the CEC focus away from your Arc (or Amp/Beam, whatever HT product you are using?)

What happens  if you temporarily switch off CEC on both the PS5 & Shield and power-cycle all devices, TV, Arc PS5 etc? Does that perhaps resolve your issue?

It was indeed the shield that was the problem. In settings I could put it to sleep when changing inputs and now everything works perfect.
Thanks for the help