Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app?

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It certainly is, but the diagnostic information is suggesting that the WiFi signal is not sufficient. Is it an iPhone with WiFi assist switched on?
Hi Edward,

The ipad does not have cellular data so does not have the function of wifi assist.

The music gets cut off and now its out of the sonos app but in my rourer showing its still getting the ip address.

As a guess, you may have been exposed to duplicate IP addresses when updating to 7.4, which forces the speakers to do a soft reboot.

I'd recommend that you unplug your speakers, then reboot your router. Wait a couple of minutes for the router to finish rebooting, then go to the closest Sonos speaker and plug it in. Again, wait a couple of minutes for it to finish booting up, then move on to the next speaker.

If that fails, it's possible that a neighbor has installed something new that's causing interference in your existing wifi, so going through the FAQ on that might be helpful as well.
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Hi, Danlim. Would you please try logging into your router and changing its operating channel? It may be losing its signal due to interference.
I have similar issues). Nothing in my home wireless set-up has changed but the App and my macbook lags heavily at times and speakers are cutting out intermittently - every 5-10 seconds for around 1-2 seconds. Sonos boxes will disappear form my phone and macbook as well. This happened all after installing the latest version of Sonos. I have 2 play 1, and 2 play 5 boxes. At the moment I only see and hear 1 box, and cannot add other boxes. Very frustrating.

Would appreciate any support to solve this issue, my diagnostic report number 7794697. Thank you in advance
Hi Edward,

Will do that and feedback cause im operating a bar will need this speaker to work properly outdoors.

Is there contact to call from Singapore ?

Hello, seems I have the same problem as everyone else: Music stopping, skipping songs etc. I have tried wifi mode or boost mode, no changes. Tried changing channels, no changes. have plenty of wifi coverage everywhere.


Diagnostics submitted... recently added an additional Play 3 and Play 1 to my system. Since then I can encountering constant drop outs
I get no sound from my playbar. My TV is basically mute right now. I get no sound with any channel. Sometime is does work, but when I switch to a different channel the sound goes away. Help!!! My confirmation number is: 7815470
I think your issue and associated diagnostic would be better posted in this thread:
Diagnostics submitted... recently added an additional Play 3 and Play 1 to my system. Since then I can encountering constant drop outs


Play1 dropping audio frequently. Should all be running ethernet but still dropping out. Seems to just be Kitchen Play1 which is odd.
Hi Support,

Here is my diagnostic number: 2017197797.

Kindly help me to check is there any wifi disconnecting issue.

Besides this, i would like to check that whether just changing of router only but not changing the SSID will it affect the sonos system and required to plug in one sonos speaker in the router and reconfigure or doing it the hard way to repair all the sonos speaker.

Currently i have 2x Play:5 Gen2, 2x Play:1 and 1x Play:3. So repairing will be a tedious job.

Update Diagnostics submitted... recently added an additional Play 3 and Play 1 to my system. Since then I can encountering constant drop outs


My playbase was being used as a boost. Have disconnected the Ethernet cable and system seems to be ok so far
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The latest survey asks us to post diagnostics reports when we have dropouts.

Here is one, that just happened: 794540817

TuneIn stations that suddenly stops playing.
Pressing play, starts the stream again.
Hi I have followed instructions and have reset the wireless channel to resolve issues with a paried set of play 5s using line in. This has not worked and have submitted diagnostic 7882152. It was on channel 11. It's now on channel 1. Please let me know what you find.
Tried switching from channel 6 to 1 still going on and off between rooms, tried switching to channel 11, still going on and off, between rooms.
Tried connecting one room with ethernet as a boost, still going on and off between rooms.
Tried switching to my WiFi router and use that way, still going on and off between rooms?
Diagnostics sent 24/09/2018 No. 1190794557
Diagnostics sent 25/09/2018 No. 573132236
"Connection to Spotify was lost" This error message comes when i try to play from Spotify and the music stops, but only on my play 5 1. gen. I have a playbase and a play 1. And they can play spotify with out any problems. I can also play Tidal on the play 5 . Can you help ?. I have had this problem for months. Diagnostic 7882443
Paired Play1s disappeared from network. Had to unplug both and then plug them back in to get them to be recognized by the app. Diagnostic #1787620609.
When I'm play an app on the TV such as Netflix or youtube, the sound cuts out for a while and then returns. This is happening regularly. I tried resetting the tv, and changed the optical cord but no change.

I have submitted a diagnostics report : 7886076
Mines has been skipping partway through songs for a couple of months now, it’s made thousands of pounds of equipment worthless.
Diagnostics ref 551268560

This is a thread about music cutting out. I think you want to be posting your diagnostic in the thread about TV issues, which is here:
Hi Support,

I am using a Wi-Fi range extender from Tp-Link. And I get this message of saying some speakers are using sonos network from the range extender I am using a range extender is because one of my speakers is outdoor and has weak signal. Why are your system blocking Wi-Fi extender?

I need a reply as soon as possible please. As I am running a bar and need the speakers to be working well.

Hi I'm having the same issue with my system. Streaming from spotify and the music keeps cutting out, same with the tune in radio and playing music off my phone. I had submitted diagnostics 7933578. I have tried switching router channel and sonos to 1 and 11. Unplugged all the speakers and router and deleted the app, re-installed it and added the speakers back onto the network and the same issue is happening. It's starting to become very frustrating. Yesterday I had limited success with soundcloud playing but again none of the other services. Please can you look into this issue for me.

Many Thanks
I have 3 Sonos players, 1 on my main floor and 2 paired in my 'bar'. My router is on the same floor as my bar and I have a Sonos Boost to deliver the signal. My problem, which is infuriating me, is that my stereo pair is constantly skipping songs, stopping for no reason or not appearing in the app. I have changed the Sonos channel to 11 and my router to 1, so there should be no interference. Pleas ehelp me, or these are going straight in the bin.

Edit: one of my paired speakers is now not playing anything???

My diagnostic number is: 550183188