Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app?

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Also having an issue with certain streaming services cutting out. So far this has only happened with Amazon Music and Sirius XM. Apple Music, Spotify, Concert Vault, local music, Tune-In are all fine. I have 3 Play 1's, a Playbar, 2 Connects, and a Connect Amp. Also recently added a Boost hoping to take care of the issue. While it seemed like grouping was improved, the issue wasn't solved. Configuration is using the Sonos Mesh network and not my wifi. I've tried different Sonos Net channels along with different wifi channels (operating on a mesh Amplfi HD system). Layout of the house is a 3 story + roofdeck row house. Brick exterior, drywall interior.

When the issue presents itself the music stops and won't start up again for a few minutes. During this time I can't select alternative sources either, and some of my Sonos nodes disappear. Not sure if it is related, but I do sometimes have audio drop outs (though not full cut outs) running audio from my Playbar to a Play 1 installed in my bathroom. Last time it dropped was with Amazon Music and I logged this diagnostic: 7919382. Any thoughts?

I just update to latest version I have 2 play 5 second generation and 4 play 1, my issue is im missing my speakers in tue app then i try to add the missing speakers and there’s even difficulty to add the speakers and then after i successfully add them all back some of the speakers are not showing up again the app
Does anyone from Sono's actually reply to these? Or is this a way for people to vent about our issues and get zero resolution?? Let's get it together Sonos!!


Did you even bother to read anything above your post?

Have a problem. Explain it and your system in maximum detail. Run a diagnostic. Post diagnostic number so it alerts Sonos to your problem.

Unless you think Sonos are able to read your mind and know how your system is set up.

So why not try "how to" rather than pointlessly, and stupidly, do the forum equivalent of shouting at the pigeons in the park (unless, of course, that is your hobby)
nice post thank you very much
Do you have a reply for my question?

Diagnostic number: 550183188
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Cyrndvm - your issue seems to be classic IP address conflicts. Assign new IP addresses to your sonos units in router or reboot all network devices in your house to resolve. See this thread where I recently explained

Brit in Canada - appears Sonos hasn't looked at your diagnostic number. Hopefully they pick up on today - if you don't hear from them I would call them on phone with that diagnostic. Sometimes its good to post diagnostic and issue in a fresh new thread where it doesn't get lost in long one like this.
Diagnostic report 7952025

Streamed music intermittently cuts out from Deezer and TuneIn radio. When the music cuts out from TuneIn radio the Android app also loses connectivity with the speakers (2 x Play 1; 1x Play 3). All speakers are on fixed IPs through DHCP reservation at the router and one of the Play 1s is connected to the router (Sonosnet on Channel 11, normal wifi on channel 6). I have no problems when streaming my library music. Whilst this all seems to point to broadband (UK Virgin Media) and wifi issues I've had a very solid system previously, with these problems only seeming to occur since the latest update Any help appreciated.

I used to have a rock solid system, with a mix of one Playbar, two Play5:2, two Play:1 and one Connect. They are using SonosNet originating in a Boost connected to the router via a dumb switch.

This weekend I replaced the two Play:1s with two Ones - to get Airplay. Since then, the system has been very unstable and I've only seen all of the speakers up at the same time for short periods of time. Right now, I can see half of them. The other change occurring in the last week is the upgrade to 9.2. Unfortunately for the purposes of troubleshooting, that was a also a downgrade of the Mac client - but I digress.

Yesterday, I tried resolving it with power cycling - and also with a lot of switching channels. Eventually, they were all back. Later in the night, most were gone. Now, there are still some clients gone - and in the last hour, the visible ones have varied a bit.

Diagnostic: 1316123336
Diagnostic about an hour later: 561114063
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I experience intermittent problems with playback and I have isolated it to one of my units, my Play 5 (gen 1) purchased Nov 2009 (serial 00-0e-58-50-7c-a4:e for you Sonos people checking the diagnostics).

Checking http://ip-address:1400/status/proc/ath_rincon/phyerr this unit has consistent terrible WiFi-performance and when connected causes playback problems and the controller apps to grind to halt. Moving music between the rooms is also problematic, as is missed alarms in the mornings on other units (supposed to be playing from Spotify but I get the fall-back Sonos chime 4 days out of 5). If I disconnect this unit all is well.

The units are running on a separate 2,4 GHz wifi dedicated for Sonos (since they seem to be confused by dual 2,4 and 5 GHz networks that we use for the rest of the home and office). Network equipment from Ubiquity. All units have DHCP reservations. Unifi Controller reports 10-20% interference on the channel when the Play 5 is connected. Moved the sonos network to different channels but still same problem.

To isolate this I tried putting all 5 units in the same room as one of the APs, separated by at least 1,5 meter and checked the phyerr statistics. All units well below 250 except for this Play 5 unit that was above 2500 most of the time.

Diagnostics 7956766 submitted when they were all in the same room.

Time to retire the Play 5...?
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Sounds like IP address conflicts. Go in router and assign all new ip addresses that are permanent. Reboot all and you will be in good shape.
Sounds like IP address conflicts. Go in router and assign all new ip addresses that are permanent. Reboot all and you will be in good shape.

Everything looks OK when looking at IPs. Also, they come for a while - and then disappear.

As for the main suspect in such cases, wireless interference, a scan of wireless networks lists the current Sonos network as the best possible - and there aren't that many other networks nearby.

One strange issue: There are different numbers of visible Sonos players in the desktop app and on my wife's iPhone.
My sonos keeps cutting in and out (moreso in some rooms than others). My diagnostic number is: 7975906 Please help
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That doesn’t mean there isn’t a device in house using ip it shouldn’t. I would give them all new ip addresses that are permanent.

What channel is router on compared to sonosnet ?
That doesn’t mean there isn’t a device in house using ip it shouldn’t. I would give them all new ip addresses that are permanent.

What channel is router on compared to sonosnet ?

Permanent IPs for everything at home was possible a decade ago, not now. SonosNet is channel 1, my normal wireless inn the 2.4 GHz range is on channel 6.

Various reboots (again) of a couple of Sonos players, Boost, wireless network, fiber gateway + router - no luck in fixing this.
That's odd. I have permanent IPs for everything in my house at this point. What makes that impossible now for you? Or were you using a rhetorical "now"?
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I keep posting here because I can tell you that this problem can be solved, on my basic IT troubleshooting skillset. If something works the majority of the time, then it must be fixable. It works fine most of the time, then out of nowhere the rears and the sub (not positive but pretty sure only the Playbar is left working) cut out. I don't believe it's anything to do with streaming music or what the source is, as I've noticed it while watching Fios, while watching an UHD Blu Ray, while streaming music from Sirirus, while streaming music from my wife's phone. And I swear it was not a problem until a recent update. I really hope someone is looking at the diagnostic and trying to figure it out. When I first got my Sonos, support was quick to respond here. I'm guessing theres been layoffs at Sonos, hence no more replies. Maybe I'm wrong and they are about to release some fix? BOOST configuration makes me think its nothing to do with wireless interference but I'm willing to try anything.
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Aside from the "all devices" argument...

Setting static / reserved IPs for my Sonos gear had caused a lot of issues I was having to quit happening. Took just a few minutes to do and hasn't caused any other problems so I recommend it quite often.
Have problem with my Sonos connect that is disconnecting after som minutes of playing, after it has disconnect it flashes White and it looks like it reboots and gets back but im not sure about the reboot part. My diagnistic number is 7989841
That's odd. I have permanent IPs for everything in my house at this point. What makes that impossible now for you? Or were you using a rhetorical "now"?

It is possible, but the gain of doing so for the close to 50 units on the network adds up. I'd also have to set up a VM running my own DHCP-server. Strange to think that my home now has more units than when I ran IT for a company around 2005 - pre wireless-on-everything-boom. Anyway, I have complete host lists with IPs and MACs and everything seems OK here.

It is far more likely that it has something to do with the Sonos mesh. Networking and the system was rock solid until the replacement of the Play:1s with One, and the upgrade to 9.2 was just prior to that.

I am a brand new Sonos customer with 1 Play5 and 2 Play1. Thanks for the Amazon discount :)

My apartment has a "L" shape with a staircase in the middle, which was already challenging for the Wifi (since my router is at the very end of the little side) - I now use a Amplifi wifi router (mesh with 2 repeaters).

Unfortunately I experience music cut-outs with Sonos (diagnostics 7999017) in Standard Mode; not always, but frequently (daily). I know that the Standard mode is not officially supported with repeaters, but I've tried the Boost Mode (one Play1 connected with Ethernet) and it's worse - it seems that that Play1 cannot even reach the 2 other speakers at the other end of the apartment.

I wonder about my options. Should I trust that buying a Sonos Boost would be enough to allow the Boost Mode to work?
Should I buy an additional Play1 instead (nice to create a stereo pair in the bedroom), would adding a new speaker/repeater be enough to have a strong Boost Sonos mesh network?

thanks for advice
I am having this issue also. Just set up one connect and it keeps stopping altogether and skipping to the next song. My diagnostic is 330157350.

Hi - we recently started experiencing several issues with our speakers cutting out. We typically use Spotify to stream and don’t have an issue with it on Bluetooth and other speakers. I’ve changed the Sonos network channel between 1, 6 and 11 to no avail. Our speakers are connected using the original bridge but seems like we are constantly getting a ton of interference. We have incredibly fast internet so at a complete loss for why music keeps dropping. 

Here is the diagnostic I just submitted. 


I am recently having the same issue. Diagnostics report: 8008611
I followed the video regarding interference and changed my router’s channel to auto. Now my Beam (even though it’s connected with Ethernet) isn’t showing up in the app at all. I submitted diagnostics 1650707177.
I am having constant problems with speakers cutting off after about 30 mins ish. I have submitted diagnostics in the hope it will help.
I have previous factory reset router and all my speakers. But this has made no difference.
I have checked that I still have internet connection and it is there. I also cannot connect to Sonos at this point. I have pressed start and it seems to start working again.
Also it happens all times of day and week.