Frequent 'Unable to Connect to Sonos Product'

  • 3 March 2021
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I'm struggling to get to the bottom of the problem I'm currently experiencing with my Sonos. I'm constantly getting the message 'Unable to Connect to Sonos Product' and playback stops completely. I'll usually be able to restart playback again after a short time.

I've got the system set up with a pair of Play 1, on an ethernet cable that is connected to the router via a TP Link adapter. I also have a Sonos One SL that is using the Sonos network created by the Play 1. No WiFi settings are saved anywhere.

I get the error message on both my android mobile and windows app. I mostly use Amazon music, but if I get the error, it won't play anything from any source.

Every now and then it will also stop playing a song part way through, and jump to the next on the playlist. 

There are no other devices being used in the house that should interfere: mobile and laptop are on the WiFi, and other devices that use the same ethernet adapter are off when Sonos is on.

I'm not massively technically minded, so please bear that in mind if you're going to advise I start changing settings anywhere! 


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The message unable to connect can have many causes and I am sure some others will be along who are good at this stuff. There is a page on Wi-fi interference here and you would be surprised what can cause interference on your network. 

In the meantime If you mean a TP Link Powerline then be aware Sonos do not officially support this configuration. Many people have successfully used Powerline but many have not. I have had good and bad experience, streaming services seem to be more problematic than a NAS source.

A good first test would be to temporarily wire the Sonos One SL direct to the router and disconnect the pair of Play:1s from the TPlink and see if the system is now stable.