Connect temporarily loses connection/sound whilst others in the group play fine

  • 6 February 2021
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Hello everyone.

I’ve had a Sonos set up for years now and this isn’t a new problem, but I’m only just getting round to asking for help.

I have a Sonos Connect that is cabled into my router in my living room. All other devices are connected via wifi (Netgear Orbi w 2 satellites). The other devices in the set up are Connect:Amp, a Play:3 and 3x Play:1’s.

The problem I have is that (pretty much every time) the Connect will temporarily lose connection or sounds for 10-20 seconds, whilst the other devices playing in the same group continue to play just fine. Some times it can drop out multiple times in a session. The Connect is the only device to have this problem though.

Can anyone offer any help?

Diagnostic report: 980666758


Many thanks,

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1 reply

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Hi @Pbrack, welcome to the Sonos community!

If you have the Connect wired to the network, then unless you have manually disabled the WiFi on the Connect, each other Sonos device should be connecting via the Sonos mesh network - this would suggest that the unit itself is not dropping offline, as if it were the other speakers would also drop.

Have you noticed that this issue occurs more with specific music services? Does the issue occur if you only play to the Connect, rather than a group of rooms?

It may also be worth connecting a different Sonos speaker directly to the router, and seeing if there is any improvement when using the Connect wirelessly - let us know how you get on.