connect amp update & login problems

  • 21 January 2023
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Sonos account online but showing no products registered.

Sonos s1 app showing Account details as ' Sign in' but I have already signed in but it doesn't register login details.

Mobile connects to Connect amp but cannot update product therefore cannot use it.


Sonos chat cannot fix problem.




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Hi @Guv999, welcome to the Sonos Community!

I’ve had a look into our system and found your case and chat with our support team. 

From what I can see, a few steps were tried to have your Connect:Amp to the newest version, but this wasn’t successful so you were requested to call our support team for a remote session.

Because of the nature of this issue, there isn’t much we can offer in the way of troubleshooting and other users of the Sonos Community will not be able to resolve this.

I’d suggest reaching out to our support team again via the information found on our contact page, then providing them with your case number or email address to continue where the chat agent left off.

I hope this information helps!

Hi Jamie,

This is bonkers mate.

I have bought what I thought was a quality product and cannot use due to a software issue.

The Connect Amp was working fine with the previous owner as I listened to the amp before buying.

This appears to me to be a login issue with the Sonos S1 app. If the ‘App’ isn’t registering my login details then the website account will not connect or recoginise any registered products via the ‘App’ which in turn may block the Connect Amp from updating!

That is just a guess. I will pursue via ‘chat' again.

Many thanks