Audible suddenly stopped playing on Sonos

  • 19 December 2021
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I was listening to Audible all morning over my Sonos and it suddenly disconnected. I went to reconnect and am getting a modal saying, “This content is not currently available to be played on Sonos.” I’ve literally never had an issue playing Audible over my Sonos. What gives? What changed? Zero help from any support from Sonos. Extremely disappointed right now. 



10 replies

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There might have been a temporary outage with Audible. Have you tried removing Audible from the Sonos app and re-adding it or rebooting your phone? You might also try unplugging your Sonos speaker from power for a couple of minutes and rebooting your router.

Audible has never been added to my Sonos app.

I’ve restarted my phone. No change.

Unplugged my Sonos speakers for a minute or so and plugged them back in. No change.

Rebooted my router. No change. 

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Do you get the same message with all content from Audible or just specific content?

Have you tried deleting and re-installing the Audible app?

Audible is currently working here for me - if not tried already, maybe try a reboot of the local router to see if that perhaps sorts it.

I am having the same problem but its only for some books not all.


Reinstalling Audible and Sonos did not fix it.

Mines not working! I’ve tried updating my iPhone, the Sonos app and the audible app. It’s driving me insane! I feel like giving up on my sonos system. HELP?????

This is also happening for me, and the only thread that comes up on a Google search is this one. I get it both on my home network and at work, so it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the local network more the device (Audible on iPhone). At home at least I can use Airplay as an alternative but at work I’m on a Play:3 without such support.


I am not able to play my podcast through Audible and then through my Sonos. I have done this forever until yesterday it simply stopped working and said this contact cannot is not available on Sonos.  Warwick Schiller journey on podcast.

You cannot use the House device listed you have to go through Airplay and Bluetooth Devices and select which Sonos speakers you are trying to connect to. I have been able to listed to Audiobooks no problem  


Me too.  Yet another problem with Sonos.  I see nobody has taken the time to research this.