adding 2 outdoor speakers and turntable.

  • 7 February 2023
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Can I add a turntable and 2 outdoor wired speakers without the AMP.  What product would connect these two?  

Also what non Sonos receivers would you recommend.  


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 7 February 2023, 01:31

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2 replies

The Sonos Amp would do both things. It will drive your outdoor speakers and it has an analog RCA line-in option for connecting a TT with pre-amp. Otherwise you are going to need one of the following other devices that have a Sonos line-in option for the TT connection:

  • Port/Connect
  • Connect:Amp (older product)
  • Five/Play:5

The next obvious one besides the Amp, would be the Sonos Port (or the ‘no longer made’ Connect (gen2)) which can connect to the Receiver of your choice - I would suggest any Receiver that perhaps has the ‘Works with Sonos’ label, so maybe start with these links:

My own personal preference however would just be to use the Sonos Amp.

Thanks for the response.