5:1 audio into Beam but no surround sound from Play 1s

  • 3 March 2021
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I have a Beam with 2 Play1s as surround sound speakers with a Roku and LG tv. Speakers are all on wi-fi.

Streaming music sources will play through all three speakers but I get no sound from the surround speakers when trying to play 5:1 audio. I used to get this problem occasionally but rebooting the router would take care of the problem. I was using Sonos 1 so then I updated to Sonos 2 to see if that would help but now no amount of re-booting will help.

Sonos system info screen shows the beam is getting Dolby Digital 5.1 when I have the problem.

Another new problem happened after going to S2. While streaming music through the app selecting anything on the roku would stop the app stream and then play the HDMI input. Not so any more.It seems that the Beam ignores the HDMI input until I stop the music through the app. Not good.


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6 replies

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In Settings/System, what exactly does it say for the room with the Beam?

In the room it under products - Beam, Play:1(left) and Play:1(right)

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Left and right, not Left surround and right surround? It seems you’ve set them up as a different room rather than as surrounds bonded to the Beam. If surrounds it would say Lounge (+LS+RS) or whatever the roomname is. 

Yes it does say Living Room(+LS+RS). What I listed was down one layer deeper.

Under Sonos System Info the Beam is listed and the plays are listed as RS and LS so I believe its setup correctly as a surround sound system.

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Ahh, that’s different.
If the app says it’s getting DD and the surrounds are set correctly, I suggest you generate a Diagnostics report and see what Sonos staff can diagnose.