Sonosnet and Wifi issues. WM0 and WM1.

  • 11 December 2023
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Hello all. Wondering if anyone can help. 

I’ve been trying to build my perfect system for a while. I’ve been using Sonos to amplify my sound system (turntable/ tapedeck/ cd player etc) and streaming through the house. I’ve wanted to have both analogue and my Sonos system so I have upgraded my main system with a traditional integrated amp and speakers and I have just bought a port to get the signal through the house. 

Hooked it all up and I have an issue. I placed my entire system on SonosNet for stability, WM0, and all worked well. I have one Roam which is on WM1 because it doesn’t do sonosnet. 

Problem I have is the Port signal keeps dropping and is currently unusable. When I checked, for some reason the Port is on WM1 with the rest of the system on WM0. 

I suspect that is my issue but - how do I get the Port onto SonosNet and why has it installed in this way. 

Any help would be valuable. 

Thank you in advance. Robin


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14 replies

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Thank you to all who contributed. Interesting to think the port may bypass the mesh of the fives to try to connect to a wired SonosNet source to get WM0. 

I took the advice not to factory reset and instead moved the port to a less ‘cluttered’ space and when I did it happily hooked into WM0 telling my I must have had interference in the original placement. 

I adjusted a few things around and now it’s perfect. 

Thank you to all - I appreciate it. Robin

My thoughts were to try ‘temporarily’ wiring the Port to a nearby speaker, or wireless AP, to see if that may make it switchover to SonosNet too.

Each SONOS unit stores a copy of all important data. (Music library index, SONOS Playlists, music service registrations, Room names, etc.) Controllers do not store anything important. Factory Reset of one unit, then adding it back to the system does not destroy any globally important data, only the player diagnostic data. Factory Reset, while it might accidentally, temporarily work around an issue, rarely results in a permanent fix and is simply a waste of time.

It’s best to Factory Reset only on the advice of a senior Community or SONOS Staff member.

It deletes all information stored on a device. Which includes network settings, playlists, and most importantly, any error logs that exist that Sonos Support can use to look at why there might be an issue. More often than not, a factory reset obfuscates a problem, at best postponing a recurrence. We encourage people to only use it when told to by Sonos Support, for 99.99% of the issues, it’s an unnecessary step. 

That being said, @ratty is as reliable a source as anyone, if he’s recommending it, I’d do it. 

I thought that the ones and fives make up a mesh for SonosNet. The Port is in a room with two fives. Would the fives not be extending a signal for the port to connect into SonosNet. 

They should, though if the Fives are wireless the Port might instead choose to connect to the nearest wired Sonos node instead. It’s strange that it’s doing neither and using WiFi.

I’d suggest a factory reset on just the Port, then add it back again.

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Thanks Bruce. A reboot is forced with just removing the power cable for a while isn’t it? Which I have tried. 

can you expand on why a factory reset and setting it all up again is harmful?


cheers, R

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Thank you - yes I have the delay set at 2000ms. 

I thought that the ones and fives make up a mesh for SonosNet. The Port is in a room with two fives. Would the fives not be extending a signal for the port to connect into SonosNet. 

cheers, Robin

Reboot means a power cycle, which forces the device to reload the current firmware and any connections. 

A factory reset is much more invasive, and erases any and all data from the device, and in 99% of cases, is more harmful than helpful. 

The Port will revert to WiFi if the SonosNet signal is insufficient. That said, it ought to work okay on WiFi, especially if it’s found a 5GHz signal. 

Look in the Sonos app under Settings/System/<roomname>/Products/Port/Network. What does it say about the connection, frequency, etc? 

For a turntable you’d be advised to set the Port’s Line-In Audio Delay to 2000ms.

You should then be able to get away with Settings/System/Audio Compression set to Uncompressed, which will deliver the best quality.

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Thank you. Rebooting doesn’t do anything or you mean factory resetting. Can I access just the port to switch to WM0??

We cannot rule out a PORT hardware fault. Probably, PORT is in a very poor signal area and has given up on SonosNet. Reboot PORT.

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Oh. I think I might have answered that wrong. 

I don’t have any range extenders at all - no. 


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Hi AjTrek1,

I do yes. I run the Google nest system (not the absolute latest one) and I have the max five points throughout the house. Well main router and four points to create the mesh. I need it because the main router, and this gear are at opposite ends of a very large house. 

i wired a Boost to the main router and then created the SonosNet mesh system with 4 x ones and 2 x fives and a Sub all running WM0. As mentioned - just the Roam and the Port are WM1  

thank you :-)


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Do you have a mesh network and/or are there range exrtenders involved; not to be confused with the satellite nodes in a mesh network,