Placement Adjustment, What is it?

  • 4 April 2014
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In the Sonos App for my Ipad, under the Sub settings is an option to enable placement adjustment. I can't find any information on this, not even in the manual - unless I've overlooked something?

Could somebody please give me a semi detailed explanation?


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5 replies

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Update : I've found an existing thread with a detailed answer. Really I should of searched first. 🙂
For anyone searching and finding this thread, placement adjustment alters the phase of the speaker, i.e. when the speaker goes out vs in. Subwoofers produce very large wavelengths, and depending on the location of the sub, there can be places in the room where a very large trough meets up with a very large crest, cancelling each other out, which causes a null area in the room where there is little to no sound. Altering the phase of the subwoofer can eliminate these null areas.
I can't find anything either. One guess would maybe a phase switch?
I can't find anything either. One guess would maybe a phase switch?Good guess!
Here is a thread on the topic