No sound coming out of sonos Era300 when connected tov Sony PS-LX310BT Turntable via bluetooth

  • 19 November 2023
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I have a Sonos system, Era300 and Era100 speakers, and I have a Sony LX310BT vinyl turntable.

Everything was working perfectly for a few days: the vinyl player and the Sonos Era300 speaker are perfectly connected via Bluetooth with a steady blue light.

However, for the past few days, no sound is coming out of the speaker when I try to connect it to either the Era300 or Era100.

I tested my turntable on a Bluetooth Marshall speaker, and it works.

I connected my phone via Bluetooth to the speakers using Apple Music, and there is sound.

I've tried to troubleshoot the issue from every angle, but I can't find a solution. I don't know why, overnight, no sound is coming out.

I have done the lastest update. Problem remains…

Has there been a Sonos firmware update?




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40 replies

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I have the very same problem.

some people are attributing this to the Sonos software upgrade version 15.10.

I tried to do the web chat to Sonos, but a waste of time unfortunately.

I think I will have to contact the retailer tomorrow morning as I only purchased my setup in July.

kind Regards 




Damn, could you tell me what the retailer will say please? Thx!

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Hi @Keterelyon 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!


Thanks for reporting! Could I ask you all to please submit a support diagnostic after attempting to connect your Sony turntables to your Sonos speakers and reply here with the confirmation numbers given? 

Please also include which room you were trying to connect. Thanks.


hello, is there the number: 1882800596, room “salon1”

and here a screen shot we see “no music choosed”, before that issue, when I connected ma era300 (or era 100) to the turntable, in the apps, the BT symbol appeared, not anymore.





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Hi @Keterelyon 

Thanks - we are investigating.


Waiting for some good news so! Thx 

Same issue. Hope you can help

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I am having the exact same issue with the exact same equipment: Sonos Era 300 and Sony PS-LX310BT turntable. I’ve been playing via bluetooth from the turntable through the Era 300 for about a month, but it mysteriously stopped working 2 days ago (Saturday, November 18, 2023).

I have played music through the Sonos by connecting a cell phone via bluetooth without issue. I have played music from the turntable through another (non-sonos) portable speaker via bluetooth without issue.

The equipment will pair successfully, but no sound through the speaker. Diagnostic for me while the devices were paired and a record was playing: 997815301

Tech on the phone saw that the turntable was showing up as a connected device. Will be anxiously awaiting information.


For me the problem started on the 17th november. I’m sure that liked to an update from Sonos…


I'm having the exact same issue here - pairs fine no sound and when I pair turntable to a non Sonos device (headphones) it works just fine. 


Any word from @Sonos   for when this will be fixed?


EDIT - seems to be an Era issue, just paired the turntable to a Sonos roam and working fine

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I have given up on the Bluetooth as the speakers and turn table are useless if it doesn't work.

So I bought the Sonos line in adapter so LPs can be listened to.........could take a long time for a patch fix to appear.

Mind you, Sonos should refund the £20 it cost me for the adapter, but not much chance of that. 🤭

Can @sonos advise when this error will be rectified?

I only use my turntable wirelessly with era100’s and the recent update has basically rendered my system unusable 

Great,,,, after an hour and a half onto Sonos support, going through every possible fix , they eventually said let’s leave it there…. the diagnostics don’t report any problems, also according to them the problem hasn’t been reported to them before, and whilst they can understand my annoyance at system being rendered useless after update to simply wait for the problem to be addressed. They don’t know when this will be.


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Hence why I purchased the line in adapter, I suspected there would not be a quick fix for this.

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I reported the issue on Monday, November 20 and the rep “elevated” the request to level 2 tech support. I also directed them to this exact forum thread and they thanked me for pointing out that the issue may be more widespread.

I got an email from level 2 today with a link to schedule a callback from them. After clicking through every day until early April and not finding any open times for a callback, I responded to the email and told them it seemed odd I wouldn’t be able to get support for more than 6 months. Here is the response I received:


I apologize you wouldn’t be able to find an appropriate date to receive the callback.

And I also want to thank you for reporting this issue. We have found that this particular error is cause after the latest update R6, we appreciate you have contact us and let us know about it. In this case, our engineering team is investigating the issue, however we don’t have an ETA to share at the moment.


I’m not sure what “R6” refers to, but other threads have suggested a software update as the cause of this issue. I’ll post again if anything else comes along.

Just adding my woes into the mix and to hope a fix gets issued shortly. As an aside, for those using the wired connection is the sound quality noticibly better than the Bluetooth? 

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Yes as using Bluetooth compresses the sound.

But obviously subjective as people's hearing and perception varies.

I bought à pro ject Bt E1 turntable and unfortunately it doesn’t Connect to my era 300 even though it has a preamp and blutooth. Any news regarding this pb ? Thx

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Check other posts here, I think there is something being looked at about bluetooth problems.

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Here is one:



I see that the issue I have is quite a general problem. I hope they will take some action to fix it promptly because I don't understand why it has been working without any issues for several months, and suddenly, nothing. It seems they made a mistake in the update. I hope for a quick resolution, and at the moment, I still haven't received any response from them! Its a SHAME! 700€ in a system that doesnt work! 


Hi @Keterelyon 

Thanks - we are investigating.

I know that you are also dealing with the same issue in another post, but I would like guidance on my problem Here, please? it's starting to take a really long time, and everything dates back to November 17th. There must be something To check with an update... where are you in the investigations? What avenues are you exploring? We would like to know more. Thx

Same problem here! I am glad to have seen this thread because I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what happened. It all started about a week ago, before that it worked great. Sony PS-LX310BT connects to the ERA300 bluetooth (you can hear the chime) but no sound comes out. I can play other devices through bluetooth over the ERA300 and I can play the record player over other bluetooth speakers. I’ve reset the sonos, renamed it, tried everything I can think of.


I hope this get’s resolved quickly!

Exactly same issue for me:

* Sony PS-LX310BT to Era 300 = Bluetooth connection but no sound (bought Era 300 literally today only for use as this combo)

* Sony PS-LX310BT to Roam = Bluetooth connection and sound

* Samsung Spotify to Era 300 via Bluetooth (made sure Wifi was off) connection and sound

Diagnostics ref 1552301213 (done whilst PS-LX310BT to Era 300 connected)

Come on Sonos, please

1) post back on this thread to confirm you are actively looking at this widespread issue

2) push out s/w upgrade asap!!