Muffled sound when listening to the turntable

I have a turntable for about 6 months I am having issues with the sound being muted or muffled, especially vocals on my records. Are there any setting on the Sonos 5 that need to be adjusted to clear up the sound quality? Could it be the needle on the turntable?


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What model of turntable? Where is the phono preamp, in the TT itself or separate?

U-turn Audio player with a pre-amp on turntable.

So long as the preamp’s turned on (obvious, but some miss it) it should work fine into Five’s Line-In. You could try tweaking the Line-In level setting to see if altering the input sensitivity changes things, but the effect should be flat across the audible spectrum. Apart from that there’s just the Sonos EQ to adjust.

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One would not expect a 6month old turntable to have problems but it can happen with any product. A dirty or fluff filled cartridge / needle could muffle the sound but would not normally mute the sound. Has it always been muffled / muted ? If so I would be tempted to get in touch with your dealer.

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On the back of the turntable is the preamp LED light on? If not, press the preamp bypass switch to enable it. Also, make sure the 3.5mm plug is fully inserted into the Five’s line-in port.