Connecting a Audiotechnica turntable to an AV Receiver and then the Sonos Port to the Receiver.

  • 31 March 2022
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So the idea here is to have the turntable with preamp connected to the Receiver. Then have the Sonos Port connected to the receiver as well. I want to run Zone 2 from the AV Receiver to a set of outdoor speakers.


I recently purchased a AudioTechnica Turntable with a preamp. I have this setup currently directly to the turntable to run throughout the house on all the Sonos Speakers. Unfortunately I do not want to run Sonos Outdoors due to constant changing weather conditions. I want to install a set of outdoor wired speakers.


This is why the AV Receiver is needed.


I think I need to connect the Turntable to an input source? Connect the Port to an output Source? and Connect the speakers to the Channel outputs? 


I then should be able to listen to music indoors and outdoors at the same time using and second zone for the hardwired speakers outdoors connected to the Receiver?


Sorry this is long winded. Looking for confirmation or a correct method of connecting all this.


Thanks in advance.



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4 replies

Why not add a Sonos Amp instead of a receiver, and wire your outdoor speakers to that Sonos Amp? Much less complication in that way. 

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Adding a Sonos Amp would be great. Just not in the budget at this time. So I am trying to make this work in the meantime. Thanks for the suggestion.

Is there anything connected to the receiver that you want to play on Sonos speakers, besides the turntable?  If not, then I would connect the turntable output to the input on the Port.  Then the output of the Port to your receiver.  This way, you don’t need to concerned about having your receiver on and sending output to the Port every time you want to play the turntable audio on Sonos.  You would turn on the receiver if you want to play it outside, or whatever other speakers are connected to your receiver.

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That sounds like an interesting solution. I may tray that next week. Thank you.