Can I connect a turntable via my TV's component inputs?

  • 4 January 2022
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The Sonos system in my house includes a Beam connected to a TV that also has component A/V inputs.  If I want to have a turntable in that same room, could I have that audio wired to the Sonos system through those TV audio inputs, and switch the source to the beam with the TV remote as if it’s a video device?  

If so, I assume an older turntable would require some kind of pre-amp, but could a player with built-in amp go direct?

I realize it’s not optimal but I’m curious if it can theoretically work.

4 replies

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I’d think it would work, try any device you have with a line-out connection to see if it does before spending any money.

If your turntable doesn’t have a built-in preamp then you would need an external one, make sure it offers a Phono input as you need both the boost in power and the equalization circuit to get decent sound.

On some TV’s, you may find the component port ‘may’ not operate without their being any video input alongside the audio… and the port signal shows ‘no signal’ on the TV screen (and no sound too), but some TV brands/model’s may work and what @Stanley_4 suggests in regards to using any line-out on a device you have lying around, just as a test, is also what I would try first, just to see if the port works, or not.

If it does work with audio-in from a mobile/tablet or MP3 player etc; then it should work with a TT and pre-amp.

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Even it works you would have to power on the TV for the port to be recognized and switch to that input. Don’t think I’d want to have my TV on without a screen saver or something. Also some TV’s auto power down if no video to prevent screen damage. My suggestion is to acquire a Port (new or used) or you might find a good deal on a used Sonos Connect.

thanks!  Like I said it’s not an optimal idea, just possible solution to add a turntable to an existing Sonos system with no external inputs, like a Beam and Play 1 or 3 speakers.