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Zp 24/96

Ability to play 24bit/96 files (like the competition: slimdevices transporter)

How do I reconnect Sonos after changing to a new wifi router?

I just replaced my wireless router and now can't connect to my sonos system. Any advice?

Connecting Sonos to Alexa Dot

Connected Alexa via Yonomi App, however she cannot follow my music command like volume control. My Alexa app shows she is connected to all my Sonos components . Any ideas?

Can sonos work without a wifi router

Why is Connect more expensive than Play?

I just got my first pair of Sonos units - two Play:3's for the kitchen and bedroom and I absolutely love them. I'm not a huge audiophile, but the convenience and total plug 'n play nature of Sonos is...

Sonos Bluetooth Connect

I would like to see a Sonos product similar to the Sonos Connect/ZP90 but instead of connecting to an amplifier it has a Bluetooth connection supporting A2DP/ APT X. You could then stream music fro...

Multi-Zone Sonos in a single box for head end

It would be great to have a Sonos 'Pro'. This could be a multiple zone system, with multiple digital and analog outputs to drive multiple amps in a whole house system. Basically, you could buy one S...

Using Echo Dot with Sonos Line In

How well do you think an Amazon Echo Dot would work feeding the line-in on a Sonos Connect?

Sonos / Echo Private Beta

So how would one go about getting on the Echo control private beta?

Outdoor Zone Player

I have a house with a deck and 100 feet away is the beach with a lake. I have speakers (Bose outdoor) that I ran speaker wire to from the house. I hoping that that range of the zone player in the ho...

My Letter to Sonos Management

I just sent this letter to Sonos Management. I recommend people do this in addition to voting on the DTS poll. Dear Sonos, I called your customer hotline earlier today to discuss an issue, that m...

Using Sonos Wireless Speakers as Computer Speakers

Hello! I am hoping you can help! My husband and I have just purchased a new smart tv with sonos speakers. We have the play bar in the living room and a second speaker in the kitchen (we live in Manha...

Google home integration with Sonos through Harmony

Hello! I like to be waiting for the integration of google home and sonos, however was thinking if there is an integration with harmony I can use in the short term? Thanks!

Top 5 Sonos feature requests

It's been a while since we had one of these threads and since then we've had the launch of new software, incorporating the much requested last.fm, and a new iPod/iPhone based controller. Sonos have t...

How do I adjust treble and bass?

Play SONOS directly from iTunes

Can SONOS systems play directly from a Mac iTunes without having to use the SONOS apps and update the SONOS music library via this app? The systems are connected to the same WIFi. If not, why not?

how many wired speakers can you connect to a connect:amp?

I have 6 speakers in the ceiling but don't need 3 zones. Can I connect more than 2 speakers to a connect:amp?

I would like to be on the Amazon Alexa Beta if possible.

See Title - I have no idea what other way to let them know.

Headphone Socket

I thought it might be cool to add a headphone jack to the controller and use it to have some easy portable music. Or listening when no one else wants to listen to it (ie your wife is asleep next to yo...

Make my IPOD/iPhone/Android a Sonoszone

Any apps out there to make an IPOD into more than just a controller. If the sonos system could see the IPOD as an additional zone you could listen through headphones on the IPOD.

Add 12V trigger to ZP90

Add a 15 volt switched plug (Sonos on power to the plug, Sonos off, power off to the plug) to the 90 so that it can power-on an amplifier by 'auto on'. Would make an awesome capability. Better than so...

Sonos & Costco

Sonos is now available on Costco.com at a discounted price. Intro bundle $1099!

DENON enters the fray

More details will emerge in following hours and days, here is the early scoop: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/06/prweb11906280.htm

Play:5 - gen 1 vs. gen 2

I know, this has been asked before I just can't find the answers. What are the technical differences and how is the listening experience between the two?

iPod dock for sonos

Perhaps Sonos should create an iPod docking unit for the next generation Sonos zone player, which would allow a Sonos network of zone players and controllers to view the songlist and control the ipod....


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