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Zp 24/96

Ability to play 24bit/96 files (like the competition: slimdevices transporter)

Connect no longer bit-perfect?

It looks like the Connect is no longer bit-perfect. Here's my evidence: let's discuss this. First, I constructed a wav file of pink noise with amplitude ramping up from zero to digital max and back t...

Matte black SUB availability

Is there a more definite time than "October" for the SUB in matte black? Can it be pre-ordered? When? Thanks!

Why is Connect more expensive than Play?

I just got my first pair of Sonos units - two Play:3's for the kitchen and bedroom and I absolutely love them. I'm not a huge audiophile, but the convenience and total plug 'n play nature of Sonos is...

Multi-Zone Sonos in a single box for head end

It would be great to have a Sonos 'Pro'. This could be a multiple zone system, with multiple digital and analog outputs to drive multiple amps in a whole house system. Basically, you could buy one S...

Top 5 Sonos feature requests

It's been a while since we had one of these threads and since then we've had the launch of new software, incorporating the much requested last.fm, and a new iPod/iPhone based controller. Sonos have t...

DENON enters the fray

More details will emerge in following hours and days, here is the early scoop: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/06/prweb11906280.htm

Why can't I just use you like any other speakers?

So it's Boxing day, and I've just received a lovely big SONOS Play:1 speaker for Christmas. I set the speakers up and try to find them on my system. Nothing. I do some research, trying to figure out...

iPod dock for sonos

Perhaps Sonos should create an iPod docking unit for the next generation Sonos zone player, which would allow a Sonos network of zone players and controllers to view the songlist and control the ipod....

My Letter to Sonos Management

I just sent this letter to Sonos Management. I recommend people do this in addition to voting on the DTS poll. Dear Sonos, I called your customer hotline earlier today to discuss an issue, that m...

BlueSound Gen 2. Already?

http://www.whathifi.com/news/bluesound-announces-generation-2-multi-room-products I mean, they're only a year or two old, and they're already replacing their complete lineup? An admission that the...

Who pre-ordered the new Sonos AMP and what are your plans for it?

I'm a little surprised pre-orders opened up and nobody is taking about it :-) Delivery by Dec 3rd according to Sonos which is awesome. I'm currently using a Beam and two Sonos Ones for rears and two...

Can the Amp and Connect be told to output mono rather than stereo? Using with mono ceiling speakers in bathroom and kitchen.

Single ceiling speakers (already bought) being used in the bathroom and kitchen. I need to sum the stereo signal for those, as I listen to a lot of soul which is 'dual mono' i.e. drums on left, every...

Blue Note PLAY:1 Issues completing order

Due to overwhelming interest in the PLAY:1Blue Note Special Edition, some customers are experiencing issues completing their transaction on our website. We are working to resolve this as soon as possi...

Headphone Socket

I thought it might be cool to add a headphone jack to the controller and use it to have some easy portable music. Or listening when no one else wants to listen to it (ie your wife is asleep next to yo...

Sonos Headphone (ex. Play:HP)

I propose a head phone, e.g. the Play:HP Currently I have to attach the wireless transmitter part of my wireless headphones with a cable to the headphone output of my Play:5. Instead I'd like to have...

One SUB for Two Rooms

Customer suggested adding the ability to bond a SUB with 2 different Sonos devices.

When will Sonos put additional security measures in place?

Today a read an article (https://www.ncsc.nl/actueel/nieuwsberichten/iot-botnets-veroorzakers-nieuwste-ddos-aanvallen.html for those able to read dutch) in which the dutch Nationaal Cyber Security Ce...

Would You Buy an Ampless w/Digital Out "Zone Player Pro"

This topic has been beat to death on this forum. I am hoping this thread generates enough interest to at least peak the interest of the money makers at Sonos and hopefully this or a version of it is p...

Outdoor Zone Player

I have a house with a deck and 100 feet away is the beach with a lake. I have speakers (Bose outdoor) that I ran speaker wire to from the house. I hoping that that range of the zone player in the ho...

Make my IPOD/iPhone/Android a Sonoszone

Any apps out there to make an IPOD into more than just a controller. If the sonos system could see the IPOD as an additional zone you could listen through headphones on the IPOD.

Please make a sonos multi zone amp!

I really like my sonos equipment. However, my whole house was wired for speakers in every room (ceiling, walls, patio) with the wiring centralized in a wiring closet/built in audio rack. Instead of...

Sonos Connect is missing digital audio input

Why doesn't the Sonos Connect support digital input so that you can use it to attach e.g. Play-3 speakers and the SUB to a TV? Every modern TV utilizes HDMI and Optical Output and you can find less an...

So much for buying Sonos...

I was quite upset yesterday when I was trying to get a cost estimate to put Sonos into my house. It appears that the ZP100 bundles are no longer available - what the **** is going on? I have 8 zones...

Sonos App for Apple TV 4

Just got the new Apple TV, and the possibility for apps are fantastic. I can see my TV moving towards a hone center. My question is, if anyone else feels the urge for a Sonos app for Apple TV? I would...


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