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Sonos App for Apple TV 4

Just got the new Apple TV, and the possibility for apps are fantastic. I can see my TV moving towards a hone center. My question is, if anyone else feels the urge for a Sonos app for Apple TV? I would...

Sonos Bluetooth Connect

I would like to see a Sonos product similar to the Sonos Connect/ZP90 but instead of connecting to an amplifier it has a Bluetooth connection supporting A2DP/ APT X. You could then stream music fro...

Can the Amp and Connect be told to output mono rather than stereo? Using with mono ceiling speakers in bathroom and kitchen.

Single ceiling speakers (already bought) being used in the bathroom and kitchen. I need to sum the stereo signal for those, as I listen to a lot of soul which is 'dual mono' i.e. drums on left, every...

New Sonos Amp in white - please

As it looks the new AMP will only be available in black. This makes me very disappointed as I would have loved to commission my old (white) Connect Amp installed in my kitchen and have it replaced wit...

Why is Connect more expensive than Play?

I just got my first pair of Sonos units - two Play:3's for the kitchen and bedroom and I absolutely love them. I'm not a huge audiophile, but the convenience and total plug 'n play nature of Sonos is...

One SUB for Two Rooms

Customer suggested adding the ability to bond a SUB with 2 different Sonos devices.

Why isn't there a smaller solution to a subwoofer to pair with the Beam?

As an owner of a Sonos 5.1 system w/ Playbase in my family room at home, I just wonder WHY there is not a cheaper and smaller solution than spending $700 on that sub? The price tag really isn't the is...

Wink hub integration with Sonos with intercom capability

I have a complete Sonos speaker on every corner of my house would be nice to integrate this with wink even a possibility of enabling intercom capabilities would be really nice. I'm thinking about Amaz...

Sharing a Sub between two "rooms"

Hi, In the same physical room, I have two Sonos "rooms": a TV room with a playbar, a Sub and two play:1 acting as surround speakers, and a "music" room wtih two play:5. Now, I realized that the play:...

Sonos Portable Headphones

Boy, would I sure like Sonos capable headphones! Sure, I could setup a Connect and a headphone amp or some wireless headphone set, but I'd like to wear them around the house in a range no wireless or...

Sonos Headphone (ex. Play:HP)

I propose a head phone, e.g. the Play:HP Currently I have to attach the wireless transmitter part of my wireless headphones with a cable to the headphone output of my Play:5. Instead I'd like to have...

Wireless Headphones & Sonos

I realise this is a bit of an "old chestnut" topic, but thought my experience may be of interest to anyone going this route. Had a rather nice Xmas present of Sennheiser RS 175 wireless phones. These...


I am holding fire on buying a Sonos Playbar because I am waiting for the Playbar to be supplied in white. When is this likely to happen in the UK? So far, I have purchased IN WHITE the unit that con...

Using Sonos Wireless Speakers as Computer Speakers

Hello! I am hoping you can help! My husband and I have just purchased a new smart tv with sonos speakers. We have the play bar in the living room and a second speaker in the kitchen (we live in Manha...

I would like to be on the Amazon Alexa Beta if possible.

See Title - I have no idea what other way to let them know.

Customer support

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with sonos after sales support. It is second to none. I split the shroud on my play 5 power cord where it plugs into the back of the speaker. I chatted with the...

Pin Code Access

I would like to have a Pin Code to stop unwanted users on my network to access the Sonos

Hide CONNECT from room list

I currently am using the line in on my CONNECT but not the line out. Is it possible to hid the CONNECT from room listings (except in settings, of course) so that it doesn't show up as a room selection...

A gaping hole in your product line. Outside. The struggle is real.

OK, seriously now. I love my Sonos System. I have it literally (almost) everywhere. 3 Playbars, 3 Subs, 2 Play 5's, 3 Play 3's, and about a dozen Play 1's - and a couple of Alexa pucks besides. I am...

Any plans for a smaller sub to suit Beam?

Appreciate there’s probably not a lot we could be told, however any indication of a new Sub under development to match output of the Beam and fall in line with it in terms of budget? The full sub wou...

Wi-Fi vs Internet Connection_What's the Difference or Should You Care?

Hello Let’s talk about Wi-Fi the Internet and how Sonos interacts with both. I invite other knowledgeable members to offer their opinions. First here are Wikipedia definitions of the Internet and Wi...

Sonos Amp LS50 Frequency Response Graphs (brightness, crossover, loudness eq)

I'd like to share my impressions of the new Sonos amp paired with kef LS50, id also like to share the frequency graphs i have recorded using REW to address some of the concerns on the amp being bright...

Multi-Zone Sonos in a single box for head end

It would be great to have a Sonos 'Pro'. This could be a multiple zone system, with multiple digital and analog outputs to drive multiple amps in a whole house system. Basically, you could buy one S...

remote restart

I have an active network: devices being added and taken away, new sources of RF interference & neighbours changing wifi channels. A frequent piece of advice is "you must power absolutely ever...

My Sonos story (Love Sonos)

My Sonos Story;I have a wife and two young boys and no sound system of any kind in the house other than the TVs (big TV).  All in the course of one week each boy wanted a stereo system in their...


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