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Sonos Sub grouping

I have a Playbar set up in one room and one Play:5 stereo pair set up in a second room. Is it possible to add a Sub to a third room and then group the third room with the first only, with the second o...

Sonos Amp: Unexpected banana plugs

Ok, silly question time, just received the new Sonos Amp and whilst this doesn't change the functionality I was surprised to receive 4 x standard-ish black banana plugs, opposed to the dual custom plu...

Amp options

Anyone have the Onkyo TX-8260? Asking because a friend might have a Connect I can use, and wondering if this receiver is adequate enough to provide a little more juice to existing Sonos speakers. Edi...

Sonos Amp LS50 Frequency Response Graphs (brightness, crossover, loudness eq)

I'd like to share my impressions of the new Sonos amp paired with kef LS50, id also like to share the frequency graphs i have recorded using REW to address some of the concerns on the amp being bright...

New Sonos Amp with Def Tech AW-6500 (outdoor speakers)

Hello ya'll. I purchased two Def Tech aw-6500s and a new sonos amp last month. I will pick up an outdoor TV at the end of the month and hopefully have everything installed by the start of summer. I...

Is it possible to use and existing Artison Sub with my Home Theater set up?

I am using a Beam for my front speakers and a connect:amp powering two in-ceiling rear speakers. The house has an in-wall subwoofer system that is powered by its own external amp. Is it possible to...

Connect signal drops intermittently

We have a One, 3 Play 1’s, 5 Play 3’s, a Sub, a Connect and a beam. All components work brilliantly, except the connect. We have a turntable connected to the connect. When playing vinyl, the signal dr...

CD System to Play 5

I have a Sonos 5 and am wondering whether there is a way to connect a CD player to it through Line In. My personal collection is way over 60,000 tracks and so was looking for a way for my wife to eas...

Connect Amp TV/Music...Can I listen to both?

I am finishing a bar in my basement and am looking to put a couple Play5's in the bar. I am also looking at putting a Connect Amp in the bar to run a pair of outdoor speakers to the patio. There wil...

Bundles of ceiling speakers and Amp

Does anywhere do bundles at a discount? I'm looking to buy this week (as we're renovating and that room is being done next week). Looking for 2 sets of ceiling speakers and the Amp.

TV's Discontinuing Optical - Playbase Owner Concerned

Hi, I have recently seen talk of TV's looking to drop optical support in favour of HDMI. I understand why this would be the case, however this has me slightly concerned that my Playbase which I purch...

Mains In on Sonos AMP for AV Receiver Pre-outs?

Hello does the Sonos AMP have a Mains In, bypassing volume control, that you attach it to existing AV Receiver Pre Outs and drive with the volume on the receiver only?

No Audio - Connect Amp & Klipsch AW 650

Hi, I have setup 2 speakers Klipsch AW650 with Connect amp but getting no audio. Do i have to change some settings in the sonos controller app to be able to play music with the speakers.

AMP feature requests

2 things highly demanded feature requests re. AMP: 1. To have the TV setting have its own volume setting - you rarely have the same preferred volume level for music and tv.. but it's not exactly plea...

Sonos Amp with Bowers and Wilkins 685 S2, my Sonos Play Ones sounding as good?

So I have a Sonos amp with BW 685 S2 bookshelf speakers. I’m finding the other speakers in my Sonos group, play ones and 1s, in stereo pair are sounding full and sometimes better than the 685s. Now,...

SONOS:AMP with third party subwoofer

Hi, I have the new Sonos AMP and I would like to know if I can use any third party sub?

Problems connecting TRNTBL to SONOS temporary network

My Sonos Play:1 speaker recently stopped being a discoverable device for my Bluetooth turntable. I have follow several troubleshooting steps to try to solve the issue but so far none have worked. When...

connect amp error

My connect amp does not show any lights on the front. Rapid flashing green and yellow on the back of the amp. I verified that there is power to the unit. Thoughts? One of 3 zones, other 2 work.


Is there a new smaller sub woofer coming out this year?

Sonos AMP/ Beam/ Wired Rear Speakers/3rd Party Subwoofer

Can I combine the new Sonos AMP with a Beam, wired in ceiling rear surround speakers and a third party sub-woofer to achieve surround sound for my TV? Sub-woofer and rear speakers would be wired dire...

Connect Amp with turntable

Hello, I have recently purchase the sonance and sonos outdoor system. I have plugged my turntable into the connect amp and then hooked the sonance speakers up to the amp. When I start to play a recor...

Playbar drops sound from TV intermittently

My Playbar is connected to my Panasonic TV with an optical cable and has worked perfectly like this for the past 4 years. Just this week it has started to intermittently drop sound. Any ideas what mig...

My Sonos Amp Review.

So I have hooked up the new Amp and given it a thorough listening. I am impressed. My prior setup was B&W 683 Floorstanders into a Audiolabs MDAC Pre/DAC to a Bryston 3B-ST Amp. My streamer of cho...

Sonos new AMP. Mix old speakers with Sonos Ones, possible?

Hello all, I tried searching within the community before asking but didn't not find what I was looking for. I would like to mix and match, old set of speakers/sub with new Sonos Ones to create a...

Sonos Amp Wiring

I am planning on hooking up four 8 ohm speakers in parallel. My question is how exactly do you wire those in at the back of the amp? Do you use a bi-amp wire or just shove two wires in each terminal?...


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