ZP120 vs Boost

  • 11 November 2020
  • 2 replies

The root bridge for my Sonosnet is a venerable ZP120 which has been going for over 10 years. If I replace the ZP120 with a Boost is it likely to make a noticeable improvement to the resilience of the network? In other words, does a Boost have better wireless capability than the ZP120?


2 replies

I think those are two slightly different questions.  Does the Boost have better wireless capability - yes.  Would it make a difference to your system?  Probably not…. but it might.  It very much depends on individual circumstances.  What sort of problems are you having?

I  have performance and connectivity issues which my ISP is currently working with me to resolve. They sent me a newer router on loan, which has improved the wi-fi network. This is what made me think a similar thing might apply to Sonosnet.

I'm in a large Victorian house. While there have always been issues at the far ends, things generally have got a lot worse in recent months. Certainly there is interference from neighbouring properties, and I suspect there's an electrical appliance nearby which is misbehaving. Anyway I'll keep plugging away with my ISP for the moment. If that doesn't work out I'll come back with more info in the hope that the community here can shed some light on things.