ZP120. Advice required on proposed book shelf speakers and Sub.

  • 5 August 2018
  • 2 replies

I have acquired a ZP 120 and have the opportunity to acquire a pair of Tannoy Mercury VR speakers for next to nothing to get me going (any reason why this is a very bad idea technically - they are 8 ohm and suitably rated I understand, although very small for the output potential of the ZP120). In line with doing things on a budget then, my next question is what would be the main tecnical criteria I should apply to hunting a used low cost Sub to accompany this set up?
thanks for advice in advance

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2 replies

I am not sure whether this is critical but I read that these bookshelve speakers have a Crossover Frequency of 3.2 kHz.
I hesitate to recommend a cheap Sub; my experience of any Sub other than Sonos Subs have not been satisfactory where music is concerned, where the needs are more subtle/sophisticated than for movies. I would use the Tannoys and see how things go first, and look for a replacement better sounding speaker pair, even a used one, and deciding on any change only after a listening test at home.

The crossover number you mention is not very relevant to any decision.