ZP100's Line Out & Powered Speaker

  • 27 February 2007
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I am contemplating a Sonos system in my home. Probably (4) ZP100's and (2) Controllers. I have a question about the ZP100.

My home AV system is powered by a Microsoft Media Center which feeds my NAD receiver (a Sonos MCE plugin would be brilliant) and I'm thinking about how to play my AV system in conjunction with the Sonos.

If I am using my Media Center as the source I believe I can ouput sound from my reciever into the Sonos and then propogate that over all Sonos powered zones.

If I am using the Sonos as the source and want to also play it on my home stereo I am wondering if I can use the line outs from a ZP100 (fixed volume, not variable) and simultaneously use that same ZP100's powered outputs to drive a pair of speakers.

Of course this would save me from having to buy an additional ZP80 to feed my AV system a Sonos source.

Or are there other alternatives that I'm not considering.

Thanks for any answers and help you can provide.

Randy at www.MacSeven.com

1 reply


In many ways a ZP100 or ZP80 behaves as if it is a cassette deck. The SONOS Line-In is connected to the RECORD output of your receiver (or a Zone 2 if you have one) and the SONOS Line-Out is connected to the PLAY associated with that RECORD.

Whatever the receiver sends out is available anywhere on the SONOS network as a Line-In.


On the ZP100's, the same volume control is used for both the speaker output and the Line-Out. This is both wonderful and awkward. Wonderful, because you can connect an external power amplifier, awkward because the speakers connected to the ZP100 must be muted when the player is set to "fixed" output (otherwise the speakers would play at full volume).