Zp100 Orange light flashing

  • 14 December 2006
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I have a zp100 that has an orange light flash and it disables one or both channels when this happens. The manual is pretty vague on what this indicates. Is there a way to diagnos this?

This mostly happens when the vol is close to wide open.

the zp100 sub out is connected to a revel B15 and the speaker terminals are connected to a pair of Martin Logan SL3 speakers.

Thanks, Pete

6 replies

Club Chapin,

You need more power for your application. You can use the Line-Out to connect to an external power amplifier. In the meantime, back off a bit.

I haven't used the SL3's, but other Martin Logans that I have used, need more than 50 Watts per channel for best results.

What is the Martin Logan power recommendation? (I tried to fetch the manual from their website, but the file was corrupt.)
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They recommend 80 - 200 wpc. I have a variety of amps I can try. Is there a way to turn the amp on and off, with the sonos (upnp maybe?)? That has been my hesitation, I like the convienience of the sonos and not having other, external, gear to turn on and off. I think these are pretty thirsty speakers.
Club Chapin,

SONOS does not provide a "trigger" that could be used to turn-on an amplifier.

Some amplifiers have an "auto ON" circuit that senses music.

There are accessory boxes that sense current or music. In theory, you could plug your ZP100 into one of these boxes and sense when the ZP100's amplifier switches ON. In practice you would need to adjust the current sense type of box very carefully because the ZP100 switches to a low power mode when the music stops. The ZP100 is never completely OFF.

Another aspect of any of the auto ON stuff, is that amplifiers need a few seconds to stabilize after the power is turned on. This means that the first few seconds of the first track that you play (after an idle period) may be missing.

In addition, extended quiet passages may result in the amplifier turning OFF. (This is rarely an issue for pop music listeners.)

I would classify these devices as "quirky" but useful.
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Thanks. I know radio shack used to have a current sensing power strip that does exactly this. I do not know of any that are available. Do you happen to know offhand of any that are currently available?

It would be nice if sonos came out with switched outlets that could be tied to a zone. IE when I turn on living room, living room outlet (and hence amp) could turn on automatically.

When does the sonos amp turn on and off. I see that it all happens in the back ground, which is neat. Does it turn on when I select a zone and start browsing music? How soon after a pause or end of music does it turn off?

Thanks, Pete
Club Chapin,

Niles has a current product. I worry a bit about this one because they claim that there must be a 30 Watt differerence between active and inactive power draw. During quiet passages the SONOS power draw may fall below 30Watts.

I've always wished that SONOS provided a "trigger" that could be used for control functions.

The SONOS amplifier will switch approximately two seconds before and after the music starts.
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Thanks. I will try this and report back.

It would be nice if the sonos could provide a simple relay closure and let the logic live outside of the box. Maybe in future hardware revs??