ZP loosing volume (fading away basically)

  • 7 September 2008
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Hi there, I have a bunch of ZP100s. All used as amplifier also. Two of them are positioned on top of eachother (pure for lack of space reasons). The top one (co-incidence or not?) is loosing volume after say 30 minutes. Since I have the zones pretty close through the house this is rather annoying (you walk from the kitchen into the dining room and the volume goes down 50%).

One other special thing is that I have three loudspeakers on the outputs. I understand that the ZP100 plays with 8 ohm. My little LS's are 4 ohm. I first had them connected parallel. Might that be the cause (ie Sonos not being able to run 2 ohm?). So I now am already trying is connecting them serial rather than parallel (in that case one channel gets 8 ohm -2*4- and one channel gets 4 ohm), would that be an issue?

Anybody any idea how come? The only thing I can think about is it gets to hot. Is that possible? Is there any automatic shut off mechanism in the ZP? Any ideas perhaps as to how to better connect the LSs?

Arnoud (NL)

4 replies

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Do the indicator LEDs in front of any of the ZPs show an amber color? One of my ZP100s is flashing a long amber and then a fast white, indicating there is a problem with the thermal protection circuitry and my amp has shut down, effectively muting the volume completely.

Before one gets to this point, there is a protection built in to the ZP as they begin heating up. It cuts the volume down 75% which could be the problem you are experiencing. Stacking ZPs may be creating a "chimney" effect, where heat is transferred from the bottom ZP up to the second one in the stack and so on. I'd suggest trying a change in the configuration (preferred) or applying a fan of some sort and seeing if this solves the problem.

And if anyone knows how to do a factory default reset or error code diagnostic to a ZP100 or if they can tell me if my ZP100 is fried, even after unplugging the unit for an hour or so and rebooting, please let me know.

Good luck.

A ZP100 can safely drive two 8-Ohm speakers on each channel.

The ZP100 is reasonably protected from abuse. One protection mechanism designed into the ZP100 is the volume reduction that you are experiencing.

Connecting two 4-Ohm speakers to the one channel is outside of the design limits. Connecting the speakers on that channel in series will solve the problem. Since the channels are independent, the only real issue with your new scheme is that the 3rd speaker will play only the right or left channel.

I assume that your single speaker is serving a separate room. A really great solution to the whole issue is to use impedance matching volume controls on the speakers and a special transformer that will combine left and right channels for that single speaker.
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Thanks guys. There is something else I just noticed which might help: the white indicator on the top ZP is virtually invisible compared to the other one. It is set "on" in the ZP settings. Is this also an indicator of something?

On the first one: I never had the amber one.

On the serial setting: first tests indeed show me it is working better now.

Thanks again, Arnoud.

I've seen a few ZP100's with dim white LED's. While annoying, it does not effect the overall life of the ZonePlayer.