ZP-100 as a AMP/Pre AMP Combo

  • 21 January 2008
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Are there any limitations as to how you use the ZP-100? Meaning can you use them as a pre amp only or as a combination pre amp and amp?


3 replies


I'm not sure what you are asking.

Unless you have set the ZP100's Line-Out for fixed, the speaker outputs and the Line-Out track the volume control and source material. You cannot split Line-Out from the power amplifier input.

When you set the Line-Out to "fixed" the power amplifier will be switched OFF and the speakers will be silent.

It is not possible to connect a Line-In source directly to the power amplifier. When you select the ZP100's own Line-In there will be a slight delay, just as if you played Line-In from another zone.
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To further clarify,
1) can I drive speakers from the ZP-100 and at the same time take the line out to another amplifier and use the controllers volume control for both the ZP amp and the line out to external amp?

2) Can the ZP-100 just use the line out without using ZP amp? I think you already answered that one.

Thanks for your help


Yes, you can use either or both outputs. Simply ignore the output that you don't want to use.

Keep in mind that the SONOS volume control is linked to both outputs. It is not possible to independently control one output.