Zoneplayer S5 and turntable

  • 12 November 2019
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I have several Zoneplayer S5s and was recently given an audio-technica AT-LP60XBT turntable which includes a pre-amp. It works fiine with bluetooth devices.

However the Zoneplayer pre-dated bluetooth at Sonos and the Product guide says I should be able to connect them via a stereo/audio cable but no luck getting sound. I appreciate the S5 is a bit out of date but am hoping someone has resolved the issue years ago,. Any suggestions?

4 replies

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You don’t specify exactly what steps you’ve tried, but have you set your Play:5 to play from Line-In as its audio source? See full instructions at:

You also need to ensure that the pre-amp selector switch on the TT is set to LINE.

Thx for reply. Checked with a related topic from 7 years ago which argued that the Play:5 and the Zoneplayer S5 are essentially the same unit, just re-branded!? Not sure if the plugs in the back are the same but will check in the morning and re-visit the various guidelines.

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The older, first generation Play:5 / ZonePlayer S5 works in exactly the same way as the newer Play:5 when it comes to Line-In.

You need a 3.5mm phono plug to connect the TT to the rear of the speaker. Make sure you use the (RH) Line-In socket, not the (LH) headphone socket.



Thanks for help. Nothing wrong with system, just the user. Now playing some beautiful old recordings.