Zoneplayer 100 upgrade

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I have a question related to upgrading a ZonepPayer 100 ...


In 2006 I bought 2 x ZonePlayer 100 and a Controller 100 for providing music in our beauty and wellness centre.


Last year I replaced those players by 2 x new Connect:Amp's.


For almost 14 years these ZonePlayers have been working fine and they still do now.

Only the Controller 100 does not work 100% any more.


Since these ZonePlayers are still working fine, I would like to make use of these in my home now.


These ZonePlayers have never received any upgrade, since there was no connection with the internet.


So I'm wondering if there is still a way to upgrade them now to a certain version so I can use the app as remote control.


Thanks in advance.


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You could connect them one by one to your router and try running the normal update process. If any of them fail, contact Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

I suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available because they're on the phone with you, they are available Monday through Friday during business hours. The Twitter support folks are available 24/7. 


@glenkinchy If your players haven’t been updated since 2006, they will be on a very old version of the firmware that will have difficulty communicating with the modern update servers. In order to resolve that, you will need some help from Customer Care -- probably a manual upgrade from an engineer.