Works with Sonos - Onkyo. No volume control.

  • 27 April 2019
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No volume control. I have a new Onkyo RZ830 and new Connect. Set up works fine. The Connect as well as all other Sonos devices are seen on the net (other forum strings have stated this is a problem with this Onkyo but not in this case). Power and input switching work fine. In the past, the Set Volume in the Works with Sonos menu on the Onkyo needs to be set quite high to get a good dynamic range on the Sonos app volume control. This has been an acceptable method.

On this set up, the Onkyo volume gets set at what ever level you choose (or last level) but the Sonos room volume control has no effect. Setting the room Advanced settings volume to "pass through" allows the Sonos app volume slider to move but has no effect on the volume. Setting to "variable" is not allowed as the app defaults to "fixed" when "variable" is selected and setting to "fixed" is obviously not the solution. To be honest, I don't recall using the "pass through" setting in the past but that may have been the case. I would assume the "pass through" setting to allow the volume to be controlled at a source connected to line in and passes THAT level through without manipulation. Shouldn't the "variable" setting be selectable?

Are there other settings on either the Connect or the Onkyo that allow the Sonos app to control volume normally? or has a recent update on either side broke the system AGAIN. If this is a firmware - upgrade problem...then I'm sure everyone will agree this is getting very old regardless of who's to blame. I've worked with consumer electronics for 20+ years and if I have to come to a forum for answers to simple issues, there is a break down in the procedural process.

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5 replies

Did you end up figuring this out?  I’m looking for an amp / AV receiver, probably Onkyo, but want the Connect to be able to control its volume.

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FYI I have 2 Integra receivers that “worked with Sonos” at first but failed.

It it was sweet when choosing music on the Connect, the Integra turned on to the right input, ramped the volume up, and the app was fine. Later, though everything else works, the Connect no longer turned the Integra on.
Certainly valuable to look for a firmware update for the Onkyo.
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HSo unless Onkyo is looking at integration with Sonos beyond a simple connection it would be nice to know.


It seems based on posts here Sonos updates regularly break the wws integration, so that's probably what happened. Or not.
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Hi kgotech

Sorry to here that you are having issues...I think :? I say "I think" because I'm not sure if you are having issues or if there's a question in your post. Maybe you're just venting your frustration(s) that has occurred over time :?

In any event since I don't own an Onkyo RZ830 I'm not able to provide an answer (or more importantly a plausible speculation). My first thought would be to contact Onkyo Tech support. The reason I say that is because they designed the circuitry to make their product Sonos ready and therefore should be able to provide assistance on how to properly integrate the Connect.

In ALL honesty I'm not convinced that the claim..."works with Sonos" has much validity in terms of the Connect. There are countless AVR's that don't espouse that claim and the Connect works fine via an available input and/or output. So unless Onkyo is looking at integration with Sonos beyond a simple connection it would be nice to know.

BTW...and not at you kgotech...before any of my esteemed colleagues in this forum suggest I research it for flash...that ain't happening. :8 I digress.

My advice is to contact Onyko.