Workaround for connecting a Connect, not a Connect:Amp

  • 25 September 2015
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I have both the Connect:Amp and the Connect along with the Playbar, Sonos Sub and a pair of Sonos Play:3. I run my Connect to a Peachtree amp playing Audience ClairAudient 1+1 speakers. I have an older sub, Sunfire, connected to the Peachtree Amp. The Peachtree amp is in a different room than the Audience speakers are and I would like to use the Sonos Amp with the Audience speakers but it will not connect to the Connect as I understand it. The only workaround that I am currently doing is to connect the sub to the Play:3 which are in a different room, and then group them with the Connect. Not the best, but it works. I am hoping that this community has a better workaround that this one.


7 replies

I really don't know what you mean by the connect:amp will not connect to the Connect. It's not supposed to, they're standalone units, you don't need a connect in order to use a connect:amp.

If you mean you can't bond a Sonos SUB with a Connect then you are correct, you can't but if you're using the SUB with the Playbar anyway you're not going to be able to easily use the SUB with anything else anyway.
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I too am having trouble understanding what you're trying to do. If you have speakers connected to a third-party amplifier that the Connect is hooked up to, then you should be able to move those speakers over to the Connect:AMP. You shouldn't need to hook the Connect to the Connect:AMP.

The Sonos Sub cannot be paired with the Connect, but it can be paired with the Connect:AMP. Again, you don't need the Connect if your speakers will be hooked up to the Connect:AMP. The Connect is only needed if you will be using a third-party amplifier, which it sounds like you want to get away from using.
Let me try to explain. I understand that the Connect will not pair with the sub by itself. But utilizing the "Group" function one can combine a Connect say playing music in the living room, Peachtree amp and non Sonos speakers, with a Connect:Amp playing outdoor speakers, non Sonos, on the deck.

My Sonos sub is paired to the Connect:Amp on the deck, but the subs physical location is in the living room, I then have bass extension in the living room and no bass extension on the deck.

With the "Group" function I can place the sub where I want it, I just do not have the control of the sub via the Connect, I have to control the subs volume from the Connect:Amp/volume software or top of the Connect:Amp.

I consider this a work around and was hoping for a better solution.
Right, well there is no better solution, you can't pair the SUB with the Connect, as there's no way for the SUB to know what volume the Peachtree amp is playing at.

You can control the volume of the Group from a SONOS controller without upsetting the SUB's level relative to the other speakers.

Mechanically turn OFF the outside speakers, preset the PEACHTREE Volume control (to match SUB's level), then use your customary SONOS controller. You can't routinely use the PEACHTREE Volume control because this will upset the balance between SUB and your main speakers. Of course, the bass will be stripped from the outdoor speakers.

If outside music will be your primary activity for the day, you can easily remove SUB from the CONNECT:AMP. in order to restore bass to the outside.
Thanks for all your assistance.
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Hi folks,

I've moved this thread into the components section for better community visibility.


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