Wireless headphones with Connect and AV Receiver

  • 27 November 2017
  • 8 replies

I have a Playbar and 2X1's in the Living Room and a Connect in the Lounge. The Connect is connected to a turntable as input and a Sony receiver as output. The two rooms are grouped so that we can either hear the turntable when in the Living Room or hear the Sonos music when we're in the Lounge. Works great! Now I want to be able to watch TV in the Living Room with audio playing only through my Sennheiser TR-120 wireless headphones. I was hoping to just plug them into the audio output of the receiver but I can't figure out how to get the audio from the TV to the receiver via the Connect instead of the Living Room Playbar and speakers.

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8 replies

OK, got it, no extra tape outputs. So, let's do some testing.

1) your PLAYBAR works when the TV is on, correct?

2) using the controller app, you should group the two devices. Start with the PLAYBAR, and then add the CONNECT. Check the speakers on the Sony receiver and see if they're playing sound from the TV. They should, but it should be mildly delayed by the processing to move the data across to the 2.4Ghz channel for distribution to the CONNECT (and any other Sonos speakers. Are you getting the TV's sound on these speakers?

3) You'd better have said yes to that last question 🙂. At this point, you should be able to turn down the sound on the PLAYBAR only. Note that while grouped in the app, it looks like you have a single control for volume, but if you tap on it, it will expand up and show you controls for both the PLAYBAR and the CONNECT.

4) Turn off the speakers using the controls for speakers on the Sony receiver. Do *not* turn down the receiver. There should be something there that probably says "A, A+B, B" or something like that. Turn that to "none" or equivalent. Basically, you're disconnecting the speakers, and pushing sound only through the headphone jack.

5) Plug the Sennheiser in to the speaker jack. Test the headphones. You may need to turn up the volume on the Sony amp.

Hope this helps.
Yep! That was it. Pretty simple, really. Thanks for the help!
No thoughts on this?
Well, you'd group the CONNECT with the PLAYBAR. Then the Sennheisers would be connected to a separate tape out on the receiver, and you should be able to use the headphones.
OK. No tape out RCA on the back of my receiver, so I tried the headphone jack and didn't get anything. Maybe it's my Sonos grouping. I'll have to learn more about how that all works (all very new to me).
This is great! I'm out of town for the weekend but will try as soon as I can. Thanks!
Laugh. Don't thank me till it works 🙂 Best of luck!
Awesome. You're most welcome!