Windows 10 Upgrade KB3201845, ITunes Library not able to be Shared with Sonus

  • 13 December 2016
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On 12/12/2016, I placed a request with Sonus Tech Support for help, as my Sonus Controller could not access my ITunes music library. I was receiving the message, "Reason: Unable to add the shared folder \\DESKTOP-XXXXXX\Music to your Music Library (1002)." After sending Sonus Tech Support my request for help, I did more discovery and found that a Windows 10 Update, KB3201845, had been installed on 12/9/2016, which is when the issue began. I deinstalled the Windows update and Sonus is now working properly, and I am able to add/access my ITunes library. I have also contacted Microsoft, and am told that this is an issue that Sonus needs to rectify with an upgrade to their latest controller software to make sure that it is compatible with the latest Windows 10 Upgrade. This note is informational, if others are experiencing the same issue and also so Sonus can look into the capability issues between the above Windows update and Sonus.

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