Will this work? Outdoor speakers and turntable

  • 26 May 2017
  • 2 replies

I've currently got three play:1s and a playbar and am looking to round out my Sonos system. I have two things that I would like to do and am wondering if I can get it done with a single connect amp. I want to get a set of Bose outdoor speakers for my patio, I would be putting the connect amp in my living room and running speaker wire ourside. Then I would like to hook a turntable up to the same connect amp and be able to play that through any and all of my speakers. Turntable would be in the same room as the connect amp. In my head this seems like it should work, but just want confirmation because running speaker wire from living room to outdoor patio is going to be a little of a pain. If it won't work the way I want, I'll place the connect amp closer to the patio and put off on turntable integration.

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2 replies

This should work. Make sure you have a phono preamp for the turntable, either integrated or separate.
Yes, it will work; see this for more information:
You will have to use speaker wire that has an adequately thick core for the lengths involved; the manual for my Bose 251 speakers does a good job on advising about how thick.