Will Amp accept a pre-amp/tuner as an input?

  • 8 May 2020
  • 1 reply

I am thinking about replacing my power amp with Amp from Sonos. The power amp is currently fed by a conventional preamp/tuner which in turn receives inputs from a turntable, CD player, etc. It in turn feeds the power amp which powers two sets of room speakers. Does anyone know if Amp can be used to replace the existing power amp, and if it will accept the preamp/tuner as a “line in” input and also allow me to power and manage the speakers via Sonos and play other Sonos based audio sources? Thanks.

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1 reply

@SRB8521 Sorry for the slow reply and welcome to the Sonos Community. I myself do not have any experience with the product and setup you are describing. This sounds like you are describing a device that will act as a switch or selector device that would then line-in on the Sonos Amp. The only potential issue I could see would be how that pre-amp/tuner would be sending us the audio signal. Let us see if any other Community users are using a similar setup and can chime in with how they are setup/wired in their configuration or if they made any changes in their line-in settings in the Sonos Amp.