WiFi turntable for Soundbar?

  • 6 July 2017
  • 3 replies

I'm planning to buy a WiFi turntable and have the Sonor Playbar only--not other speakers or components. Will the Playbar be able to receive the turntable's signal?

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3 replies

No, not likely. You'd need some other Sonos component to deal with the turntable, perhaps a Connect, a Connect:Amp, or a Play:5.

Unless you got some sort of converter box that took the signal from the turntable and converted it to an optical signal.

Gah. I suppose it's technically possible to figure out some sort of computer way to take the signal from the turntable, turn it into a digital stream, and then tell the Sonos app to play that digital stream as if it were a radio station. But man, that would be a ton of work. For all practical purposes, the Playbar/Playbase will play anything that connects through either the optical port on the device, or via the controller app. I've never seen any wifi enabled device going straight into the Sonos ecosystem. TRNTBL promised to do so, but they've not shipped, from what I'm aware of.
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