Wifi Connection Minimum

  • 16 January 2017
  • 4 replies


My Connection Wifi at home is pretty weak (Only 3Mo)
What is the minimum connection required to use Sonos

I allready checked on google and ask several people, but no one know what is the minimum connection to be able to uses these device ...


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4 replies

Presumably that's your broadband connection speed.

It depends what you want to stream, and whether you want to do much else at the same time. Most radio stations would be okay, and a lot of streaming services. The lossless streaming services might falter, since they recommend a minimum of 5Mbps.
Would it be a problem if i only use a NAS ?

I understand that i would not be able to use deezer or spotify or other streamin application because it's link to my broadband connection

In other word I just want to know if Sonos will take some of my broadband connection or not
Local music playback won't be affected by your broadband connection.
ok Good i can purchase some then
Cheers !