Why isn't there a smaller solution to a subwoofer to pair with the Beam?

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As an owner of a Sonos 5.1 system w/ Playbase in my family room at home, I just wonder WHY there is not a cheaper and smaller solution than spending $700 on that sub? The price tag really isn't the issue, it's the combination of that product at that price point in smaller applications.

1. That sub is a phenomenal piece. It reaches the level of performance and accuracy IMO of my dual 10" B&W subs in my media room at home. To my ears, the Sonos sub is incredible.

2. Bottom line, it's just too much for a small room like my loft at our condo where I use a Beam. It would never reach it's potential, and a waste of $700 in that tiny room - but as a bit of an audiophile I enjoy the sound of the deep lows and punch of movies.

Is there any plans at any point to create a smaller sub?

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Hi, Kurant. Thanks for your post. We have a policy of not disclosing our plans for future products, but I will happily pass along the suggestion for you. Do let us know if you need anything else. Many thanks.
I have also wondered this, for the exact same reasons. I have a small living room with a Playbase en two Play:1's as surrounds. They would be perfectly complimented by a mini Sonos Sub. The Sub is just way too powerfull and i find it too expensive to buy and dial it all the way down for my use case..
Really hoping this happens. Love the beam just wish i could pair with smaller sub. Bose has theirs, Sonos is laggin.

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