Why does the first Zoneplayer HAVE to have a wired connection?

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I have been using the Soundbridge connected to Bose Companion speakers for a while which is great but this product is way sexier but...

In my family room (where my wireless router is) I already have a AV system from my PC so I don't really want to waste the money and have a connected Zoneplayer in there. I have a wireless media server (just an XP box running Windows Media Connect) in the garage feeding the Soundbridge and other Windows Media Players.

I would like to be able to pop the wireless Zoneplayer in my lounge and connect it to my existing stereo but the fact it says the first one needs to be hard wired worries me!

Any thoughts???

Many thanks.


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Well I'm guessing that as Sonos uses it's own wireless mesh network there has to be some point where that network connects to your computer network. Apparently it is possible to use a wireless bridge.
Garty is right. Sonos needs some kind of connection to your music collection. The best way to do this is to hardwire to a computer, a router, or to a home network. Sonos will operate side-by-side with any existing wireless networks but will not be able to communicate with them.

With a bit of work, however, you can have the first ZonePlayer wirelessly connected. It involves using a wireless bridge, and is an unsupported configuration. However, many of our customers use it - you may wish to visit this FAQ on wireless bridges for more information.
SONOS uses its own wireless network that does not interoperate with or interfere with any non wireless SONOS devices. Since the music must come from an ethernet source, at least one of the zoneplayers must be connected to your ethernet.

A wired connection is recommended because of its speed and stability. While some are successfully using a wireless bridge to connect SONOS to the ethernet, if you've been lurking on these forums, you know that there can be wireless ethernet glitches.
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Cool - I hadnt realised the Sonos ran it's own wireless network - I thought it just jumped on the existing 802.11a/b/g wireless network.

Now I understand.

Thanks again.


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