Where can I buy additional stock banana plugs for the Amp?

  • 2 June 2019
  • 3 replies


I rather like the included banana plugs with the Amp. I am using an Amp with a set of ceiling speakers and want to selectively switch out for a set of stand-mounted bookshelf speaker. Where can I buy a second set of the stock Sonos banana plugs?


3 replies

Why do they need to be "stock Sonos" banana plugs? I don't think Sonos does anything special, any set of banana plugs would be equal. They're pretty much a common, commodity item.
Yes... I'm familiar with Amazon and Monoprice. Bananas are commodity.

The rack where my Amp is installed is tight. The stock banana works well cuz they're shallow, come as a fixed unit for each channel and send the cable out the side. Finally, they look half decent. All things being equal, I'm happy to pick up a second pair if they're readily available.
You might try calling Sonos directly, I don’t see them listed as a sales item on the website,