what’s needed to play vinyl?

  • 26 July 2022
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  • Hi folks. I have a box full of old vinyl records and I recently bought a double album by Goose. I bought it because it was released in my birthday and I really like the band. Joe Bonamassa re-released one of his double albums and I’d like to pick that up too.  But now I’m thinking it would be great to actually listen to them! I’ve got a sound bar, a couple of One’s, an older Five and I recently bought a Roam. I love the whole Sonos experience. So I’m wondering what and where I should look for a turntable. I’ve also got a Bridge that I bought when I first got my Sonos system. 
    Any info is appreciated. 

3 replies

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The Five isn’t that old. You may have a Play 5? This speaker has an analogue in. If you connect a turntable with a built in preamp and use the right (RCA to minijack) cable, you’re set.

There are some settings, as explained in the FAQ, which probably will need to be fiddled with, depending on your setup and the pre-amp. 

Yes, I have a Play 5 and it still works perfectly. That’s a great idea. Thanks!