What is different about the "Sonos edition" Pro-ject turntables?

  • 16 January 2021
  • 1 reply

I was interested in hooking up a turntable to my Sonos system.  But I can’t see what is different about the “Sonos edition” Pro-Ject turntables from what I could buy elsewhere as a standard Pro-Ject turntable (including the upgraded EVO version of the Debut Carbon).  At first, I thought that the Sonos versions would have the built in electronics to broadcast directly to Sonos speakers.  But all the Sonos content I read seems to indicate that the turntable stills needs a wired connection to a Sonos speaker, Connect, or Amp.  And there isn’t any documentation listed for the Sonos edition turntables when I go to the product guides page.

So my question:  What’s to gain by buying a Sonos edition turntable vs. buying a Pro-Ject elsewhere?

1 reply

Nothing is different.  They are the same as models sold elsewhere.